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September 2020

"They talked past each other for 20 years and felt hit every day"

You have heard the story - yes, maybe also experienced it? You talk and talk to another, but are not understood. On the contrary, you become suspicious and feel accused. The phenomenon is known to all of us. I often say that it is easier to send a probe to the planet Mars and be understood, than it is to convey a message to another person on the other side of the table. Why is it like that? What is it about communication between humans that is so difficult?

In this article I want to make visible a not so known dimension in communication between humans, communication in energies. Will humans of the future be able to "hear what has no sound, see what has no form and understand what is not intended"? Will the a soundless language be the future for humans? 

My colleague Ulf Kurkiewicz writes about the future of man as a cyborg, a challenging perspective for us humanists. My colleague Jarle Berghammer writes about quantum computing and entanglement in the cosmos. Will humans in time be able to communicate throughout space?

Futures of Man raises some issues that are highly relevant, let me go to this article's topic - communication in energies.

My future forecast

Through studies, experimental work and experience, I know that people communicate with far more than words in a systematized language. Humans use the word as sound in an attempt to transact meaning. At one end a sender and at the other end a receiver, between them a relationship and for each of them a cultural filter that encodes and decodes the meaning of the word. The only thing that is certain in communication between people is that it is vague. When the sender and recipient accept that they understand each other, it is almost a miracle. The story of the spouses talking past each other and feeling hit is not so distant.

The situation is not so strange as man communicates from different cultural contexts, with emotions such as sensors and mental performance images that are individual. Man sends, receives and responds to language as intuitive contexts and individual phenomenon. Human communication is not necessarily analytical and logical.

Here comes the challenge of artificial intelligence on the table.

The artificial intelligence that now learns human language and that can respond to linguistic commands from a human user of e.g. IT programs, is algorithmic. The artificial intelligence is programmed and therefore free from unconscious connections and emotional influences. Artificial intelligence is super-intelligent, but it does not think in unconscious contexts and emotional dimensions - not yet.

What will happen when artificial intelligence is built into humanoids (human machines) and given an emotional body and therefore can communicate in "emotions", is a challenge I will return to on a later occasion. Follow us on Futures of Man!

Let me get to my topic - communication in energies.

We quickly agree that words are sound and sound are vibrations and that vibrations are energy waves. What if words have both an agreed meaning content (which is rarely understood) and an energy level (which is neither known nor understood)? What if words are both "meaning" and "frequency" - a language in the language? To some extent the word can be understood but the energy can only be perceived by the body's unconscious intelligence.

How complicated will the communication then turn out?

This is my point. Communication between people is extremely demanding because it takes place both in a "wordly language" with sound and agreed meaning and in an "energy language" with vibration without agreed meaning. I have to explain further.

Many years ago I was introduced to Qi-gong, a meeting that opened up for me to learn about the energy body, about the body's energy pathways and energy centres. A revelation to me. I learned about the seven main chakras and how they build an energetic body in the body. I learned about how blockages in the chakras block the free flow of energy and can cause physical and mental ailments. I also received acupuncture for pain and discovered how balancing the energy body releases and provides health.

Through experimental work, I gradually learned how obstacles related to the chakras can be dissolved and attract liberating possibilities, all related to the body's seven energy levels:

Root Chakra - the body's existential energy center located at the base of the spine

Hara Chakra - the body's sensual energy center located at the lower part of the diaphragm

Solar Plexus Chakra - the body's energy center for self-confidence located in the diaphragm

Heart Chakra - the body's energy center for love located in the middle of the chest

Throat Chakra - the body's energy center for communication of life purposes located in the throat

Forehead Chakra - the body's energy center for gathering new information located in the forehead

Crown Chakra - the body's energy center for the whole brain located at the top of the skull

Each of these centres of energy is associated with a colour (which is an expression of a different form of energy vibration than words) and they participate in the configuration of the body as a fine-tuned instrument. Those who live with a blocked Root Chakra will have to compensate for an existential uncertainty that affects the other chakras.

I'll give you an example.

One person tells you "I fear for the future". Then you have seven different levels you can understand the statement at:

1. An existential challenge - communication from the Root Chakra

2. Lack of joy in life - communication from the Hara Chakra

3. Need for control - communication from the Solar Plexus Chakra

4. Desire for love - communication from the Heart Chakra

5. Uncertainty about the meaning of one's own life - communication from the Throat Chakra

6. Sees no new opportunities - communication from the Forehead Chakra

7. Absence of a holistic understanding - communication from the Crown Chakra

If your response misses the sender's energy level (intentional level), your response may hurt worse.

Let me imagine that your interlocutor sends you the message "I fear for the future" and the message comes from a blocked Root Chakra. You do not perceive that the message is "existential", that is, you do not perceive the message as linked to the very understanding of life, the way of life, to love for oneself, or to a greater financial challenge - all this I categorize as existential challenges.

You interpret the statement as an expression of a lack of joy in life, i.e. a message from Hara Chakra. Your answer is something like this - "it's sad to hear, I think you would benefit greatly from getting more out among other people, dancing and playing more, making a journey and meeting exciting challenges".

Guaranteed noise. The other will not feel heard, seen or understood. The basis for a heated argument can be laid.

Let me give you another example.

Another person tells you "I'm probably an introverted person". Again, you have seven different levels you can understand the statement at - and not least react to:

1. Do not believe in the value of oneself as an introvert - communication from the Root Chakra

2. Finds little to enjoy - communication from the Hara Chakra

3. Unsure of oneself in dealing with other people - communication from the Solar Plexus Chakra

4. Do not dare to be in your own feelings for others - communication from the Heart Chakra

5. Does not convey the value of being oneself - communication from the Throat Chakra

6. Obstructed by old performances - communication from the Forehead Chakra

7. Do not unite logic and emotions into a common image - communication from the Crown Chakra

Can you see how divergent the different reactions will be perceived for the one who most of all wants to be met and understood? Can you agree with me that communication is "the art of the impossible"?

Still, people have to communicate and people do, even though it often goes wrong.

The language of silence

In this article, I point out the possibilities for people to speak a silent language within the language. A language without words, but with seven possible energy levels that are not compatible. This means that a message from, for example, Root Chakra is not compatible with a message from Solar Plexus Chakra, even if the words are the same.

I think that the next generation of language for humans means being able to communicate in compatible energy levels and thereby resolve conflict-creating communication.

I started this text by connecting to the future of man as Cyborg and want to round off there.

The great challenge for humans will be whether artificial intelligence is programmed so finely tuned that it can also interpret energy levels through sensors in artificial bodies. The combination of the super intelligent artificial intelligence and the super sensitive artificial body of a humanoid controlled by algorithms, is the great challenge of humans. How to find the path to such a future? 

I probably would not have raised the question and spent time formulating an article on the topic, if I did not see a portal and had a positive understanding about Man’s future opportunities. We should meet for new articles here in Futures of Man.

Until then, you may know a little about what this perspective may mean to you.

All good


Editorial comment: This PREMIUM article has a length of approximately 1600 words. The standard length of a PREMIUM article is of approximately 1000 words. An extended PREMIUM article may have the function of being a Mother article. That means it holds an opening of a perspective that will be followed up by connecting articles performed from an other portal in Futures of Man Magazine.

The future of man lies in a new self-insight and expanded consciousness, together with a forceless language. Humans of the future will learn to hear what does not have sound, see what does not have form and understand what is not thought.

The future is in a sense a game where you have to place yourself in the best possible position. You can start that exercise now, before the game directs you. How to place your self in the future? That is the big question that few are concerned about. Futures of Man points to directions and opportunities, and you will always get an answer if you ask.

The future is full of opportunities at the same time it offers some challenges. The purpose of evolution is the development of consciousness, that is, how you sense and interpret what you encounter. You can be an active co-creator in the evolution of your own consciousness. I think this is what the Dalai Lama means by "get a bigger life"


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