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  • Jon Frang Mostad



March 2020

May consciousness be a force in the Universe itself? Can we talk about a Cosmic Consciousness? If so, can the Universe expands its consciousness? Is the Universe self-conscious? Mainstream in Western science sees the brain as the father, mother and child of consciousness. Everything of consciousness takes place in, by and for the brain. This does not make sense, says the Hungarian scientist Ervin Lazlo. Consciousness must be something more and he launches a three-step notion of what consciousness might be. A division of three steps that opens up untold possibilities in understanding the evolution of Man and the Universe. Lazlo asks: can consciousness be something the human brain is connected to? Like computers are in a cloud? In that case, we can talk about a distributed and integrated consciousness with collective opportunities. Lazlo does not think this is an adequate explanation either. Consciousness must be something more. Therefore, he launches the «Third Assumption" that the Universe itself is conscious, that the Universe builds consciousness and that the human brain which processes this cosmic consciousness, can develop itself and thus contribute to the development of Cosmic Consciousness.

We can understand and reflect on consciousness as a matter of three levels: 1. Consciousness takes place by and in the brain itself. This explanation is inadequate as it excludes the ability to relate to any reality "outside" the individual brain 2. Consciousness is a network of interconnected local brains that respond to each other similar to computers in a corporate intranet. This explanation is also insufficient as it is only a variant of the first explanation, now with a few more brains connected in a closed network. 3. Consciousness is a property of matter itself. This explanation is both spiritual and metaphysical. The fact that it is spiritual means that it imagines that matter is "living" (explained as polarity) and that matter has "will" (capability of prehension). If this explanation is correct, we shall look at the Universe as a unified consciousness where everything is part of a common consciousness evolution. The third explanation made by Lazlo is parallel to Pythagoras' (the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician) teachings about the Cosmos. This explanation is also supported by other important philosophical notions such as Theosophy. I think Lazlo's thoughts are inspiring. Three things become clear to me. One is about the inertia of Western mainstream science's ability to open up "to itself". Our own philosophers have long argued this. The second is Western science's general reluctance to speak to our own theosophical, anthroposophical and "speculative" quantum theoretical friends. The third thing that becomes clear to me is how blind the Western logical-analytical worldview is to the abstractions, symbols and beauty of the East's knowledge.  The insight into the Cosmic Consciousness as we start to understand it is a well-preserved open source hidden in the many verbal ornaments of the Vedas (Hindu). We just didn't want to see it. I mentioned the Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras. 700 years before our time, he established his academy based on the dedication he was given by the Egyptian priesthood. Through secret initiations, he passed on to his students, an insight into the hidden and forgotten cosmology that entailed an introduction to the knowledge of the laws of nature and the laws of life, which today live on only in certain esoteric circles. 2700 years before our time, ancient science knew well that the cosmos was a coherent consciousness, that it was related to matter and that evolution was its purpose. Irvin Lazlo writes about this in a modern language and helps to link ancient cosmology to our science of today. In our previous blog, my colleague Ulf, pointed to the development of Artificial Intelligens. His text is optimistic. I agree that we should hold an optimistic view of artificial intelligence as an opportunity for people, yet we must take care. Artificial intelligence will quickly exceed an IQ (measuring unit for intelligence), let me say IQ 5000 but a normal human intelligence is at IQ 100. What then? To the question I say: Artificial Intelligence is intelligent, Man is conscious. Here we can see the opening for Man's future cohabitation with Artificial Intelligence - an expansion of human consciousness, and therefore an expansion of cosmic intelligence. What do you think?


Consciousness might be an expanding skill of the Universe, not a limited process within the individual human brain. If so, let’s have a party! For every positive thought and action you perform, you’ll expand the Universe in a peaceful direction. That’s something to tell your grandchildren. 

All matter is conscious! The old philosophers knew thew secret. Evolution itself is a process of developing consciousness. You contribute to a positive growth of a Cosmic Consciousness by being aware - do not mess with nature. 

Look upon life in all its variations - what you see is the multiple choices of the path of evolution. Add to your reflections that all you see is contributing with you in building the Universe more and more consciously complex. 


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