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May 28, 2018 | Jon Mostad

In my previous blog about PURITY, I point to a new blog about CLARITY. It showes up here. My next blog will be about INTEGRITY, and I've completed what I call my meditative triad, a key to expanded awareness.

In the coming week no 22-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on «Clarity». The second text of a trinity. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

Purity is the meditative process where the soul's access to action through the physical body is prepared.

Purity is the basis for the soul's journey of life in relation to the purpose of incarnation, what I call Lifes purpose. When the soul travels in Purity, it travels with emptiness as form. When the soul travels with emptiness as form, it travels free of precariousness. Your meetings with others will be clean. Purity is the meditative process that opens for the soul's access to the physical manifestation as life in a body, free from a sensible agenda.

Clarity is the basis for facilitating the clarity of mind.

The mind of man is constructed in a complex matrix of congenital instincts, the limitations of the senses, the possibilities of the emotions and the social framework in which we live. The mind is our important guide in a complex, heavy and in its ultimate consequence, lethal physical context. The mind governs the body and the human body is built by several bodies.

Let me say a little about the structure of the human body,

The physical body consisting of skeleton, muscles and tendons is given the life of the enclosing etheric body (also called the energy body). As the ether body retreats at the end of life, the physical body dissolves. We have the body of emotions (also called the astral body) that makes us sensational, experiential and creative beings. The emotional body is associated with what we call for ego and mind. We have our mental body (also called the logically-analytical body), which enables us to discern, understand relationships and create rational actions. Our highest physical body is the causal body (also called the intuitive body), where deeper causal relationships occur beyond the knowledge of the mind. The causal body is the domain of the soul and connects the physical body and the Buddhic body of the spirit, a consciousness form beyond our comprehension. The soul forms the bridge between the universe's Buddhic and Causal plan, and is therefore regarded as our highest consciousness level.

The physical body is navigated both byEgo soul and an ego-controlled mind. Throughout the body, the consciousness of the universe flows. A consciousness in which we are actively co-founded, along with all other matter the universe consists of and constitutes through.

Our body is enclosed by the etheric body. Here we transport the energy we need to appear as living. The physic-etheric body expresses itself in nine manifestations, where you are dominant in one of them. In this incarnation you are the dominant mediator of one of nature's nine physical expressions, created by your etheric body. This knowledge is hidden and forgotten, so to be rediscovered. We know that the ancient egyptian wisdom culture knew these nine forces of nature.

Your mind is the result of the overall construction of the several bodies, including your dominant physical manifestation, ruled by your socially-constructed ego. Imagine what a challenging task the soul has when it seeks to reconcile its life purpose in a physical manifestation like this.

Clarity is about; the training of the clear mind, within condition described as above.

The mind is an operator who designs mental models, understanding categories and action rules. The mind is a complex construction formed by genetic signals, emotional impulses and experience-learned patterns. When you understand the shape of the mind you can maneuver through the content of the mind and clear the world of the mind.

Reflect upon your mind. When you manage to reflect upon your mind you prepare for Clarity. You objectivate your own mind by looking at it at a distance, talking to it and getting to know it. From the place where you understand your own mind and you no longer is your mind, but the one who rules it, you have achieved Clarity. When you have reached Clarity you can see the soul of the other like something else than the person's persona. Amazing.

In a glimpse of enlightenment you will mentally and physically recognize the consciousness flowing through you and recognize the mind processed by your personality. You will discover that you are not your own mind. This discovery will let you understand that your mind can be released from the swarm of volatile and sustained performances. Your mind will shine clearly. Doubt and faith are not there, only an experience of clarity and it will be both mental and physical. Distinguish between Purity and Clarity and let both dimensions be clear to you.

I know Purity in my spiritual energetic body and Clarity in my conscious mindset. The question now is whether these two phenomena can be integrated - I will answer that in my next blog about Integrity.


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