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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


Do we face a dark or bright future? Is there even a choice to be made or is it already too late? Of course not, there is a possibility for a bright future but we need to take action.

We, all of us, can picture different futures for ourselves and all around us, by creating future scenarios that embraces not only ourselves , but all living species. We in a sense can come our own future. By putting in other parameters into the equation the outcome will change. The creation of different kind of scenarios where we choose the one most suitable quite so easy as it requires

Sounds really easy doesn’t it? Sorry to make you disappointed, it is not quite so easy as it requires an increased level of awareness. We have to face the fact that the way we do things today, and the way we live is not a sustainable one. The other thing to embrace is that all around us is intertwined and connected. Meaning that we need to change something. This awareness need to be input as factors in the future scenario we create. If we only put in EGO, all will stay as it is, leading to a dark future.

Modern science is developing tools, products and methods that can help with the transformation to a sustainable way of living. We as individuals, and collective, need to support and reinforce the efforts made by science.

One example, coming from the research to establish a human base on Mars, or elsewhere in space. With scarce resources and energy most of the infrastructure has to be produced locally. This requires methods of extracting raw material directly from the soil. Science already have ideas, and possibly tools and methods ready. Things that could be used here on Earth to extract raw material we need, instead of continuing with old fashion, environmentally dangerous methods.

We need to listen to the science and scientists that are working on new technologies in the forefront, a science that has taken a holistic view to solv problems and challenges. The dogmatic science will have to be abandoned because it has helped us to get where we are right now. The new science will help us to get where we ought to be.

There is a bright future, if we engage, get us a holistic view of mother Earth, and take the steps we can to start the change. Every action along this path matters.

Be conscious!


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