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«Your intuition is not ruled by algorithms - it’s served by your soul» (@mostadjon)   

Most people I talk to take the physical world for granted. That is, few people imagine that the world can be anything but more than "length, width and height". In several of my texts, I reflect on the fact that people accept that the senses' presentation of the world is the real world. This is not so strange. People's senses frame and present a perfect representation of a 3D world, why shouldn't that be real? The perception and presentation of the world of the senses is then real, the secret is that it is only a limited part of reality. Such a perspective occupies me. In this text, I reflect on the limited understanding of mankind and reality. My reflections are independent of political and religious motives.

Welcome to my blog. You will find a new text every Friday 0700 PM CET (Central European Time). The weekly text is shared on Facebook. On Instagram I post daily quotes and captions where the theme is elaborated. You can find me on Instagram as @mostadjon.

Matter versus Spirit

Most people live good material lives and many have deep religious beliefs. Still, I am surprised at how few people seem to experience the world as anything more than a 3D construction. In several of my texts you can read about how I discuss several possible dimensions of life. I write about the mental and the intuitive consciousness that I associate with a 4D and 5D understanding of reality. My point is that the world has mental and intuitive dimensions that can only be understood and experienced through the spiritual senses.

From the moment I learned that the physical world is spirit in its most real form and spirit is the physical world in its most abstract form, I felt free. From that moment on I understood the implications of being both matter and spirit. Such an insight is an important key to understanding the theme of this text.

Soul and body

Humans do not have spiritual experiences, they have material experiences. A common sense is that people are material beings who from time to time have a spiritual experience. In my world of understanding, this must be reversed. Humans are souls and therefore spiritual beings who have a material experience. The universe is both a material and a spiritual manifestation of a transcendent idea. The universe is expressed by the "will" of a creative source humans cannot understand. The Universe descends further into matter by allocating souls to planets like Earth. The souls are of a substance that needs a physical body to operate in heavy atmospheres and gravities.

Humans are souls in physical bodies. The great religious narratives and explanations of humans as «God beings" in physical bodies give me great meaning. Each soul is sent to planets with a spiritual purpose. Most people I meet do not seem to experience themselves this way. Thus, they miss the spiritual part of the physical life of the Earth. This is a pity, nevertheless this is not the main theme of my text this week.

The technological development

Man is an exploratory being. The use and development of technology is widespread among both animals and humans. Technology supports and influences human evolution. The next big step humans are taking now is to develop an artificial intelligence. The technology has been developed so far that it is able to develop itself and humans see the outlines of an intelligence that takes human forms. The artificial intelligence stores, sorts, analyzes, and draws logical conclusions, with a scale, speed, and precision that surpasses human intelligence. Based on human intelligence testing, science says that an average human intelligence measures 100 IQ (intelligence coefficient). The artificial intelligence measures perhaps 5,000 IQ if it was measured accordingly. This is, of course, at the forefront and should be perceived more as a rhetorical approach to illustrate the situation, than what is reality. However, the image points to a development that most people do not seem to be so concerned about - the artificial intelligence will surpass the human.

Humanoids - the "technical" humans

Human intelligence is about to be overtaken by an artificial intelligence that is also evolving to be able to program itself. So far, the artificial intelligence associated with robots and human-like robots called humanoids, has been mechanical and "insensitive". The humanoids have "lacked soul" and therefore they are not seen as a challenge to man. This experience of being "soulless" changes character now when the next generation of humanoids is created with emotional bodies. The software that produces humanoids will be created with sensors that make the body emotionally intelligent. With a logical and emotional intelligence that surpasses the human, the humanoids will stand out as "superhuman". IT gurus outline futures pictures where humanoids enter into marriage with humans (have already happened), get citizenship (have already happened) and are covered by "human" rights. The humanoids will also be protected by criminal proceedings that prohibit them being "killed." The development is fast and people do not seem to worry.

The question is whether humans in the future will end up as "the monkey in the cage" and taste their own terrible medicine?

Humanoids - the "relational" humans

I have taught communication at at university programs and wrote a book on "the powerless language". My acknowledgment is that people are better off sending a probe to Mars and then receiving the signals being sent back, than understanding the colleague on the other side of the canteen table at work. Until quite recently I did not know the answer to why it was so. In one of my other published books, I illustrate how people can identify obstacles in life and turn these into opportunities. The process takes the form of activation of the seven main chakras in the energy body. Through my work, I have come to understand that humans communicate their messages not only through invisible relationships with the recipient, but also from chakras in their own body. Each of the seven chakras sends messages in their specific energy vibration. If this vibration is not met and understood, the relationship with the other or the words will fail. The message is not accepted. This "discovery" led me to a deeper insight into the complexity of interpersonal communication.

Man interprets the language for his purpose, sorts relationships with others in a mix of impulses and intuition, and sends his messages from unconscious energy levels. Then he or she expects to be understood. 

Eventually, as the humanoids with their artificial intelligences (with an IQ of e.g. 5000), appear in emotional bodies and send their messages tuned in to the energy vibrations of the human body, they will surpass humans. Such a humanoid will always be able to accept your message, interpret its energy vibration, and send back on the same frequency. The humanoid will be able to do something that man cannot, unless he has trained and developed his awareness.

Does the humanoid have a soul?

A couple of years ago I read a review of theater plays where actors on stage appeared with robots. The performance between actor and robot (not a humanoid) was considered so sensitive, well-developed and dynamic, that the critic in the newspaper asked the question "does the robot have soul?". The question deeply impressed me. What was it about this machine / robot that showed such sensitivity that the journalist asked the question whether it had soul? I don't think I need to answer the question.

When I talk to people about artificial intelligence and the development of emotional humanoids, I often find that those I speak to push the challenge away, saying that "they have no soul at all". As long as the robots and the humanoids do not have "soul", do people have nothing to worry about? I'm not so sure about that. What is "soul" and who has "soul" is a great philosophical, religious and esoteric question. I think it is a particularly interesting phenomenon that Japanese seem to accept robots and humanoids as soul creatures and that the explanation is in their Shinto religion. For a shintoist, all nature is animated and the shintoist deity can take shape in all matter. Has time come to listen to what the Japanese have to tell the people in the West?

Unfortunately, this blog text does not allow me to discuss the term "soul" more closely. You will find several texts in which I write about the term soul; use the keyword "soul" and the blog shows the way.

The machine and the man

«Artificial intelligence is intelligent, not conscious. Man is conscious, not intelligent», is one of my Instagram quotes. To find man’s path, in the face of the expanding artificial intelligence, I leave the whole question of «soul», remain unanswered. It is not in the question whether the machine has soul, I see the possibilities of man in the future. The solution is in my quote. The machine is a logical and emotional intelligence that is also capable of repairing and developing itself, but it is not self-conscious; it is algorithmically constructed. This claim needs a closer discussion of what I understand by the term «consciousness». What is the human who is «conscious» and the machine which is not? The theme borders on the discussion of the term «soul» and you have to search my blog for «consciousness» and study what I write about the topic. I'll give you a clue and also ask you to search for the word «prehension»; key’s to understanding of the mystery.

Futures of Man

The future of man is to be found in consciousness, not in intelligence. To avoid ending up as the "monkey in the cage", humans should position themselves for self-construction and extended consciousness. A process that is able to understand the future as it will perform with more faces and where man should make choices. You can find more about this perspective in my texts.


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