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«Insight comes in three sizes - small, Medium and INTUITIVE» (@mostadjon)

Being intuitive is an art. Perhaps the greatest amongst humans. The intuitive "sees what does not have form, hears what does not sound and understands what is not thought". The intuitive has access to his Higher self, understands the language that no one speaks and acts without analysis. The intuitive operates from a 5D awareness and is therefore capable of creating performances into the time space. This must be explained in more detail. Welcome to my blog "Being Intuitive".

For those of you who don't know me: - I post a text every Friday 0700 PM CET (Central European Time). You can subscribe freely and without obligation to my texts and have them delivered directly to your mail box. The week's text is presented as short specializations on Instagram where you find me as @mostadjon. Click in and comment on my lyrics, it would please me. My focus is on the consciousness and future of man. I blog independently of politics and religious traditions.

In my text for Week 23-2019, I reflected on the relationship between impulses and intuition. My experience is that few people distinguish between the impulses of emotions and the complex intuition of the causes. You can read more about what I understand with intuition by clicking on the text of week 23-2019.

«Insight comes in three sizes»…

I wrote this quote and posted it on @mostadjon (Instagram), in 2018. I am fascinated by the insightful man. What fills the people I experience as "insightful"? What do these people see or understand, and which many others do not see and understand? I have pondered a lot about my experience of insightful people. What are these people "seeing, hearing and understanding" that most people do not do? All people have their world of insight and I look forward to every meeting. For me, everything is about listening with "emptiness as form". When I am able to listen with emptiness as form, I see the great edition of the other person. All people have insight, but some have an insight that is different and what does that mean?

People perform in bodies that are perfectly shaped for a life in a slow and heavy physical matter. The senses configure 3D experiences in terms of length, width and height. In this 3D reality, man moves insightfully from room to room, from floor to floor. Human consciousness is first and foremost a 3D consciousness and the universe is so visible to humans. The extent and structure of the universe is stated in time and space. Such an insight makes sense to most people. Anyway, I can't settle for the fact that a 3D insight is everything. From time to time, I meet people with insights that drill deeper than "length, width, height".

If a 3D "insight" is an insight all people have access to and some people have an extended insight, what kind of insight do we talk about? I will try to explain, using simple pictures. Let's imagine a marble block. It has a length, a width and a height. It looks like a 3D block and is a 3D block. However, let’s imagine you and I have a strange marble block between us. We can fill this particular block with logical thoughts. In some miraculous way, we can fill the block with thoughts, as we fill gasoline on a gas canister. The thoughts we fill the block with, are insights. This "insight" flows "inside" the block and becomes an insight I call 4D. Can you participate in the thought experiment?

We now have a 3D insight - the insight everyone has and which I call "small" for the illustration's part. This insight can well envision all kinds of "marble blocks" and other shapes of length, width and height. This insight is a wonderful tool for navigating the physical world. Then we have a 4D insight, it has neither length, width nor height, it has almost a shape that "floats". The shape is the form of thoughts. Does the mind takes shape? No, not in a shape of matter, that's why we can imagine it "floating" into the marble block, in the space between the block's atoms, yes - in the atom itself. Is this understandable? Maybe it's easier to understand my picture if we think 4D is the light we light in a dark room when we turn on the lamp? "Medium" is the insight into insight. Analytical and rational, and advanced.

We now have both a 3D and a 4D insight, a "small" and a "Medium". In pictorial terms, I depict the more advanced insights, with great initials. Yes! Our marble block has an understandable shape and it is also filled with "magic thoughts". Then comes the big question, is there yet another dimension of insight? It does. We have a 5D insight and I call it "INTUITION". But, now the stone is filled with thoughts and then there is no room for more? Yes, there is. Let's see.

Being intuitive

Intuition is the next insight and the really GREAT insight. Intuition is often explained as "deeply rooted and unconscious beliefs". These beliefs speak to you from time to time and then in a language you do not hear or necessarily understand. Such beliefs appear as phenomena. They occur in the body as an insight you cannot explain neither the starting point nor the context of. The Science of Psychology has problems explaining what intuition is, where it comes from and how it arises. Spiritual teachers often explain it as a "higher knowledge". A knowledge streamed from a source you are connected with through your Higher Consciousness and which you only can sense through your spiritual senses. Philosophers often explain this knowledge as "phenomenological" moments or insights. It usually acts as "I just knew it", but you can't explain the cause and context.

I am a male man, and for a long time I was told that only women had intuition. The intuition was understood as a particularly feminine sensitivity and phenomenological conviction. I never accepted the explanation that only women are intuitive - sorry women. Men are also intuitive. Intuition depends on the degree of attention and awareness. Also you should have confidence in your intuition and dare to follow it.

Back to the marble block. It’s now filled with thoughts, just like the dark room is filled with light. So what is a 5D insight? I call the 5D Insight, INTUITION. Another widely used word to explain and understand intuition is causality. Causality comes from Latin "Causa", which means cause. Causality is the part of consciousness that is about how causes are linked in relationships and creates effects. One cause is linked in a strange and unconscious way along with another cause and together they create an effect, an unconscious effect. The knowledge that arises through causalities you do not either "see, hear or think" is intuitive knowledge. In a spiritual context we would say it is divine.

5D insight is the intuitive insight, the GREAT insight. In the marble block that is now "filled" with thoughts, there are still vacant spaces. We now fill this vacant spaces with causes that are related with each other; creating intuitive effects. In the dark room which is now a room filled with light, we fill the room with e.g. perfume. The scent of perfume triggers you mental and emotional beliefs, creates images and triggers action?

In the 3D room there is a 4D room and in this room there is a 5D room. I'm talking about the "room in the room in the room".

Anyone who learns to know his intuition, learns to listen to his wisdom and to follow his phenomenological directions, is the GREAT insightful I am so deeply fascinated by.

May be I am talking about you?


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