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August 10, 2018 | Jon Mostad

The universe appears to us as a self-evolving consciousness. If so, then all matter is conscious. We can understand our physical reality as divided into realms. We have the realms of minerals, the realms of plants, the realms of animals and the realms of humans. Every realm is its own level of consciousness. Each realm contributes to the creation and development of the universe. Such a point of view is radical, breaks with common beliefs and is scientifically debatable. Such a point of view is in the meeting point between natural science, philosophy and the science of spirituality.

A self-evident, conscious and super-intelligent universe, invites you to participate. Here you find my interest and the motivation for my weekly blogs with posts on Instagram account Man has been given the opportunity to co-create a self-evolving universe. This opportunity is to be taken through evolution of one's own life. Man will actively control his own evolution by seeking to expand his consciousness. In this way, the universe creates itself.

What is consciousness?

I have asked the question and answered it in several of my blogs. I have also written about the theme of the book «DAWN-The Wisdom, The Path, The Choice», published in danish ( Search for "consciousness" among my blog's tags and you'll get suggestions for texts where you can immerse yourself in the theme - and perhaps most preferably order the book and read it. I choose to keep the English words «awareness" and «consciousness" separate. The words are almost synonymous in English. I let the term «awareness" mean «attention," because I see that consciousness manifests itself by attention. By making people aware of a phenomenon, awareness of the phenomenon arises. The key to an expanded consciousness is to be found in an expanded awareness.

What is the future?

Future is a central theme for me. I express in one of my blogs that the future is «a NOW during manifestation». Humans will always be on the verge of meeting with the future. In any breath, the next future is waiting. I write about how the future always manifests itself in plural and acts disruptive. You will always find more than one future. You can choose the future for you and attract yours. No matter what future you're looking to attract, it will replace your favorite performances. You must construct new ones. This is the co-creation of the creative universe.

How to create future?

Futures are created by megatrends. I'm blogging about megatrends. You will find the three most significant megatrends in the themes for week 25, 26 and 27. When these three megatrends connect with each other, multi-complex future images occur. Humans will be placed in these pictures. If the person himself is not active in the election and avoid attraction of the possible future, does the universe the selection. Few humans understand such a message.

What is life's purpose?

Humans' stay on Earth is far from a material-mechanical coincidence. You can read three blogs where I specifically write about human mission on Earth. Go to the blog «Invocation and evocation - Theme of week 07-2018», the blog «Life's purpose - Theme of week 10-2018» and the blog «Being on Earth - Theme of week 12-2018». Every human life's purpose is encoded in its spiritual DNA. Choosing parents, context of upbringing and "soul-type" (the soul's physical manifestation expressed in energy vibration) is determined before conception and thus follows throughout the life cycle. Life is a descent in matter and at the same time an ascension to the Spirit. The descent and ascension have a purpose. What is yours? This is exactly what my work is about - Awakening, the move into the greater awareness of itself.

Consciousness and purpose of life.

The universe creates itself through its own movement. The meaning of human lives, such as presented in my blog "Invocation and Evocation - Theme of week 07-2018», is significant in understanding of my work. There you will find the three main reasons why people whos souls occupy a physical body, work on Earth for a lifetime. Each person chooses a passive or active relationship with his incarnation. The understanding of the incarnation, its purpose and the degree of passive versus active participation, is determined by the individual. The choice affects the incarnation, creates the preconditions for afterlife (life in the period between two incarnations, what many call "death") and for participation in the creation of the self-evolving universe.

Is there a way towards an expanded consciousness?

Yes, is my short answer. There is a path to expanded consciousness. It's hidden and it's forgotten. Once, Man knew the way. In order for the logically-analytical brain to grow, the mythic brain was shut down. There are the prerequisites for the mythical insight hidden. Man can awaken his mystery mind and it happens these days. If you read the blog «Spirituality, Technology and Futures - Theme of week 28-2018», you can see what I imagine. Each individual should seek the way, do the choices and put the choices in action. For the path to open, Man shall know the hidden and forgotten wisdom.

How do I find the path?

You will find Rome from different directions. Seek them all and find yours. I describe a path, it can be your path or it can not be your path. Only you know. I have described the path in the book "DAWN - The Wisdom, The Path, The Choice" and you can order it at The book is written in Danish. In the blog «Dawn - Three Stages Towards an Extended 5D Consciousness - Theme of Week 32-2018», I give a presentation of the three pillars and the three portals that the "DAWN" program consists of.

Awareness is the portal no. 1 to an expanded consciousness

Humans have to extend their awareness to find their path to an expanded consciousness. What does it means to extend its awareness? The world is perceived as a 3D construction. Humans specify the coordinates of their location in space, using length, width and height. The human sensory device is perfectly adapted to a 3D world, and is cut off from sense of a 4D and 5D world. Sensing through a 3D grid gives a limited perception of reality. Such a cut makes the world of humans limited. There is a world out there that people do not sense because of their 3D sensing device. Humans miss the perception of the 4D and 5D reality. You can read more about 4D og 5D Consciousness in my blog "5D Consciousness - Introduction - Theme of week 30-2018". Humans normally perceive a limited side of reality, the mental and causative imaginations are excluded. Humans miss out on the smells, shapes, sounds, tastes etc. of the world of thoughts and causal relationships. By expanding its awareness, human beings move the frames for their sensible world and create a larger one. How does humans evolve the limits of their sensible world? The question is important, the theme is big and I will discuss the answer with you in a separate text.

Awareness is Portal 1 to an expanded consciousness. Those who want to be co-creating in their own evolution have to pass through the three portals of Awareness, Awakening and Accommodation. In texts that follow, I will explain the remaining two portals Awakening and Accommodation, to you.

Pay attention!


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