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August 16, 2018 | Jon Mostad

The Standing People - the trees, know from beeing a seed how to become a giant, how to become a Forest of Giants. They just know. So is it to us. The Giants are growing from the top, not from the bottom. You can also increase your growth and become a Giant far more developed than you are to day. There is a certain path to follow:

Step one: Awareness - the secret starting point

– when you are aware you are still, you are listening

Search for an extended awareness, the hidden key to unlock your consciousness of tomorrow. To perceive the 4D and 5D world, you need to go beyond your senses. Extended awareness gives you access to the wisdom given by the Great Spirit. Acknowledgement of the higher spheres is achievable through two different approaches, that are connected. The one is meditative, the other passes through emotions. In an upcoming text I will discuss both.

Step two: Awakening - the divine moment of dawn

– when you awake you sing with birds towards a rising sun

Go for awakening, the shift from limited beliefs to broader convictions. Awakening is to leave your acquired inner I and take up your inherent I, the one you are meant to be. Birds sing when night shifts to day. Night is the cleansing period where you die "the little death" and get prepared for the light to come, the "great birth".

Step three: Accommodation - the state of enlightenment

– when you accommodate you open your heart and let the GIANT perform

The few accommodate them self. They do not know how. Most people try to live their lifes by standing their pains. They strive to accommodate their wounds. When we live our wounds, we block for the giant within. When your hindrances are identified and transformed to possibilities, you will attract an advanced you and become the potential hidden in your spiritual DNA.

So is the path.

To be aware, you have to sit still. When you sit still, you can read your self. Through intuitive and sensitive presence - you can perceive your own and others' mental pictures of performance. All people read themselves and others, most are just not aware of it happening.

You experience certainly often that you are in conversation with yourself. The call can be both silent and by words. You can imagine symbols and figures of speech which you are going in a closer reflection with. You taste them, facing and interpret them. When you are interacting with your own photos and make them subject to consideration through reflection, you read you yourself.

Often happens the same with others you are associated with. You perceive, you hear and understand what the others is trying to convey to you, when the others do not use words. This wordless transmission of images from the others to you and that you can return to the others and confirm, is reading of others.

For the reading to be pure - that is, free of influence and projections, you will benefit from professional guidance. This is especially important when you read anyone but yourself.

The special intuitive and sensitive presence that provides opportunities to read yourself and others, I do call Awareness. Through the state of Awareness you can do exploring readings of yourself and others. What comes through Awareness could be material for the development of a deeper inner self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness. Such a developed self-introspection and developing of an extended consciousness, I do call Awakening.

Intuitive and responsive presence is natural for all life forms. We all have this capacity and it can be trained further. The Awakening process can evoce the up-lifting source of your Soul and the picture of your Life`s Purpose.

Your Awakening process leads you to the third step, the state of enlightenment, which in my teachings is named the phase of Accommodation. When you Accommodate, you cleans your body and turn hindrances to positve transformational energy that performs the Giant.


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