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August 23, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Weekly on Friday evening (European Time), I post a blog. The texts have a meditative and spiritual content. You can subscribe to my blogs, free and without delinquency. Each blog triggers daily Quotes and Captions on Instagram . You can also follow my YouTube account. Welcome.

What arouses the birds singing?

Whether I sleep in the city of Oslo, in my Danish village quarters, with a window open in New Delhi or in a cabin along the Pacific Ocean in California, the birds know when to welcome a new day, and I wonder - how do they know?

Before man glimpses strip of light, birds awake for their first session of the day. Either sitting on a twig or in their nest in the dark, they know what is to come and how to prepare what is to come. How do birds know to wake up and greet the new day welcome, before it turns out? What do they know or what do they see, as I do not see? How do they know to awake?

When darkness is at its heaviest, has lasted an "infinity" of hours and did not seem to flinch, the most vibrant of all the earth's true voices, broadcast that the light is on the way! In one for me highly abstract, aesthetic and suspenseful sound, the birds alert a new day, a new world to come.

Equal temple bells that ring, birds send their songs into the world and hereby change frequency from darkness to light. Birds sang is that message from a higher reality of something to come, and what is coming is good.


By caution almost conjures the birds the light forward by sending finely tuned sound waves towards a sun that slowly lets its rays move a dark notion carpet aside for another day. I can not refrain from being impressed - how can they know, these birds? In my imagination the birds must be connected to the sun with a "thread" of their self, by which the sun gently vibrates and alerts about its coming through, so that the human world can adjust to light. Wake up - people! When the sun rises in all its power over the horizon, people are awakened and the birds have flown on their way to their other duties, the song eases. Dawn is here, awakening time, the transition from darkness to light. I often wish that I was a bird, or at least knew its secret. Birds are our helpers, in so many ways.

So it is with our lives. Someday a bird within you sing its song and alert time for awakening to your lifes purpose. It can sing early in life or it can sing late. When you hear its song, you shall listen intently. It heralds a new day in your life. Dawn is on its way. You are by your way to be blessed by the magical transition from a life in which you are living a limited edition of yourself, to a gateway to your new self-awareness and expanded consciousness.

Awakening is a journey into your inner universe, where the large version of yourself is waiting to be realized. There is a way where you can find the soul's ascension power, the hidden source of your spiritual evolution, and where you can meet your masterplan for life. Ready to be set free and in to action.But first you need to hear the birds sang in your mind. To do so, you have to sit still and to listen. To listen you must put yourself aside.

From Awareness towards Awakening

Awakening is the stage following the initiatory phase Awareness as described in my blogs Awareness - Portal 1 - Towards an expanded 5D Consciousness - Theme of week 33-2016 and Awareness - Part II - The secret starting point - Theme of week 34- 2018. In the DAWN program, Awareness is the process that leads you to Awakening that leads you to Accommodation. DAWN is a meditative and spiritual program for transformation of new self-awareness and expanded consciousness. You can read more about DAWN in the blog DAWN - Three stages towards 5D Consciousness - Theme of week 32-2018.

What happens in a process of Awakening?

The "Birds Song" is a metaphor. The soul speaks the body's language. Ego speaks the language of the voice. The body speaks through indexes and these are known as imbalances and pains. In fact, these discomfort and pain, contradictions occur in the contrast between soul and ego. When the body pains, the soul speaks. In my imagery these pain is "the song of the birds". The discomfort warns that the "night" goes towards an end and "the great birth", a new day in your life, begins. In your awakening, your secret knowledge of the "three faces of your soul" is redeemed through the process of "the archeology of the body", redeeming your "purpose of life" first as an abstract and such as a concrete life project. Awakening is about leaving limited ideas about yourself to take on a new self-awareness and expanded consciousness. You will be the big issue of yourself.

From Coaching to Awakening

A coach can help you with improvements within existing frames. An awakener opens your big unknown frame and invites you into it. Awakening moves you from a skill-oriented self-development to new self-awareness and increased consciousness. This is what Awakening is about.

Blog to come

In my blog for the week that comes, I invite you further into what Awakening is about.

Stay tuned.


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