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August 30, 2018 | Jon Mostad

The human being is perfectly adapted to a 3D world. We understand the reality that surrounds us by measuring it in length, width and height. Detection of the surroundings in 3D excludes the 4D and 5D dimensions. They also exist, invisible to our senses. In a series of blogs, I reflect on Expanded Consciousness. You can follow my blogs posted every Friday evening (European Time), followed by Quotes and Captions at Instagram.

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What is Expanded Consciousness?

I recommend you to start with my blog 5D Consciousness - Introduction - Theme of week 30-2018.

You will find 9 blogs in total, reflecting on the theme. You are now on my sixth blog and three more will follow.

5D Consciousness is a spiritual consciousness. It holds the linear (D1), the square (D2), the cubic (D3), the logic (4D) and the causal (5D). Causal consciousness is the aesthetic, ethic and spiritual consciousness. I write about this awareness level in my blog Ethics, aesthetics and spirituality - theme of week 20 - 2018.

Why Expanded Consciousness?

The evolution of humans has been developed so that its Mystery brains ability to communicate with the Spirit, gradually was closed down to provide space for the development of its Scientific brain. When this part of the evolution reaches its measured degree of development, the Mystery brain will once again wake up and at this time to a higher level. Man has three major development tasks. These tasks are both individual, collective and cosmic. These three tasks are timeless. Then three challenges come true of the time of human evolution. You will find both the tasks and the challenges described in my blogs.

People continuously meet a stream of future images. In these meetings people will make choices. If man does not choose and attracts her/his desired future, the flow of future will choose and man becomes a leaf in the wind.This is the pragmatic motivation to urge the development of your consciousness. Read more about futures and megatrends in my blogs.

How does man find his extended consciousness?

Many routes lead to increased consciousness. The roads are different and give different results. The spirit can be perceived and understood in many forms of consciousness. I am concerned with the forms of consciousness that give access to The Three Tasks and The Three Challenges. This form of consciousness is triggered by passing through The Three Portals - Awareness, Awakening, Accomodation. Man's way to expanded consciousness depends fundamentally on dedication. Your inauguration is based on a choice. No classical teaching can give you the knowledge. You must redeem the process by studying The Wisdom, walk The Path and commit to The Choice yourself. Then you may feel united with your Higher Insight.

What is Higher Insight?

You are united with your Higher Insight when you acknowledge the need to live an "extended life". You Live an extended life when you leave your Acquired I and accept your Inherent I. Your Acquired I is a life limited by sensory experiences and social constructions. Your Inherent I is a life in covenant with your life's purpose guided by your Awakened Master. Deep in you awaits your Awakened Master. From the acknowledgment that follows in the process of Awareness, you leave The Night - The Little Death, and incarnates in Dawn - The Great Birth. The Divine Moment of Dawn, is the moment where your frequency changes from night to day, and no way brings you back. You are in the redemption of your Higher Self. You know your Higher Self when you have:

Identified your Soul's Three Faces. When your soul's three faces are identified, you know your spiritual ascension and can live your life through action through non-action

Visualized your Life's Purpose and concretized this so that you can put the purpose into physical manifestation

Faced your obstacles, transformed them into opportunities and started the process of attracting the solutions

I call it the Process of DAWN and it is a personal dedication to new a self-insight and extended consciousness. My two upcoming blogs will present the third phase of the process for you - Accomodation.

Prediction and Invention

Man is a part of a conscious and intelligent universe. Regardless of what we have to think about how the universe is created and evolving, we will meet situations that are new and unknown to us. The future is always disruptive. It occurs unexpectedly and rides past well-known performances. We are often left with great insecurity and little knowledge of what is expected. In addition, the future acts in plural and creates doubts. We can choose and attract the future we prefer. Awakening can be the spiritual process you choose for your chosen dedication. If you know that a spiritual life form is strange to you, Awakening can nevertheless be your chosen form of prediction and invention.

In my coming blog, I will open Portal 3 - Awareness for you.

Pay attention.


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