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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


February 2020

Artificial intelligence is, and even more so in the future, a strong contributing cause for the bright future that man faces. A savior in distress. Already today, AI is a tool or phenomenon, even though it is at the beginning of its ability, which replaces or reinforces the solution of tasks in many different areas.

When you search through Google, look for a taxi through Uber, talk to Apple's Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you interact with an "AI". A software that, with the help of large amounts of data, follows your wishes whether you are communicating with the voice or with input characters.

AI is a prerequisite for self-driving cars, enables improved methods of analysis in healthcare and makes financial assessments and credit ratings of people applying for, for example, loans. This is only a small part of areas where AI is already applied. It may be worth noting that all of these systems are considered weak AI.

Artificial intelligence today known as weak AI, meaning that it is designed to perform a narrow task (e.g. only facial recognition, only internet searches or only driving a car). But, one long-term goal of many researchers is to create Artificial General Intelligence (AGI or strong AI). When looking at the possibilities narrow AI gives us it is hard to even grasp what AGI could provide.

In the field of medicine, there are today AI systems that are more accurate in assessing the risks of suffering from coronary heart disease. The system made better judgments than the doctor's expertise, which assessed according to a model developed by experts. The AI ​​system used many more variables in its risk assessment. Another example concerns breast cancer where, by using an AI that has only been assigned the task of finding differences, a model can be put that can place people in risk groups, rather than in age groups. Double gain when you get an equal result and take advantage of those who do not normally have access to preventative care while at the same time tracking changes up to five years before a cancer breaks out.

Operational robots have already made their entry into surgery, both as autonomous surgery robots but also as robots controlled by a surgeon.

New and proven digital technologies can make drug development better, faster and smarter.

Applications that can measure an individual's physiological data continuously. The health impact of a new drug can be measured in real time on a continuous basis. The precision in assessing the medical impact increases, the impact on the individual's personal life during the test period decreases. Clinicians will gain a better understanding of how the drug affects the disease and the test person in real time.

Great achievements have been made when using Ai to predict different diseases. Now it is time to increase the use of casual algorithms to identify the underlying factors that cause the disease. Making it possible to use the knowledge to develop new drugs.

Self-driving vehicles are a way of reducing the traffic that is currently plugging our cities again, especially during rush hour. The vehicles are constantly connected with each other and with the surroundings. They know the best way from A to B and they can come and pick up more people and thus reduce traffic. To make it all work, powerful computers equipped with Artificial Intelligence are required.

Music composed by AI gradually makes its entrance. In many cases as a support to musicians using AI to make suggestions on parts of the music. Today, there is a popular service called Amper Music that offers lots of AI-created music for use in film and on YouTube channels. Simpler music that becomes royalty-free which allows smaller producers. There is no reason to believe that AI composed music will not evolve further.

Time to start working with a digital colleague? The colleague is not necessarily a robot that you can talk to between desktops. Rather a colleague who is completely virtual but who can help you with all kinds of tasks. With cognitive AI solutions you can hire a digital colleague, for example in IT support. IPsoft has launched its digital solution Amelia, a cognitive assistant. Another assistant might look like below.

Production efficiency is improved, among other things, by the use of robots that allow production around the clock: This can also mean fewer workplace accidents and increased safety at work. By utilizing AI, workflows can be analyzed and optimized, in addition, AI solutions can propose dynamic plans or come up with suggestions when something unexpected happens, such as a stop in a machine.

Another angle that is made possible when AI helps automate monotonous and tedious tasks is that people are given the opportunity to focus on complex tasks.

Preventive and predictive maintenance is necessary for manufacturing companies if production is stopped due to malfunctions that could have been foreseen. to be able to predict the next failure in a machine or system. Predictive maintenance uses sophisticated AI algorithms based on Machine Learning and artificial neural networks to detect malfunctions. In many cases, downtime can be breaded, and the life of the equipment can be extended.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence can be a shortcut for us to cope with the climate challenges we have. New solutions are on the way and AI can contribute to the transition in the transport sector, in agriculture and with energy efficiency. The technology, with its ability, can be used to find and manage patterns, new opportunities and new values ​​in large amounts of data. AI can contribute smart models to optimize resources, increase the speed of producing new materials and fuels or increase productivity in, for example, food production. With precise cultivation, adapted to available cultivable land supported by sensors and drones that can give a correct picture of water or fertilizer needs, food production can be streamlined, and water needs reduced.

In addition, AI will be needed to handle the increased energy demand that AI itself creates. Contribute new models on how to build and operate large data centers.

The possibilities seem endless when we use AI for most things around us. Are there no downsides to letting technology get such a big deal? Here are many things that need to be discussed and that we need to relate to. More about that another time….

To keep this fantastic globe vibrant, it is time to act. Artificial intelligence can bring forward solutions that can stop the negative impact we are having right now. The arrival of AGI will give us the opportunity to restore it to be a long lasting and life-giving place to live.

Don't judge your new workmate by appearance but investigate what you can accomplish together. Find your respective strong and less strong areas, learn from each other and get going. Your new colleague may not even be visible, hiding in a cloud or in some function on your computer or phone.

Artificial intelligence helps us develop the most efficient production method with as few raw materials as possible in an energy efficient way. A method that takes place in an environmentally sustainable way. The product itself is easy to transform into new raw material when it has served out with its temporary purpose.


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