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February 23, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Is the body hiding spiritual treasures? If so, how can we discover? How do we look for the footprints of the Soul, hidden in the body?

In the coming week no 09-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on the Archeology of the body. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

"I found! I found! "- The archeologists' task is to tell the story of the past. Digging in the earth reveals treasures that tell us about a forgotten time. Our body is like the earth, it hides treasures from dimensions by our consciousness that is hidden from us.

The "archeology of the body" is a metaphor I use to introduce your hidden treasures in your own body. Through working with people in change processes for many years, I have understood that the body conceals the footprints of the Soul. The purpose of the Soul is to put its boots on Earth so that the Master plan of life can be realized. Ego is the big guarArdian and avoid the Soul not to overturn its own agenda. However, from time to time, the Soul is able to find its way past the guard and succeed to put its boots on Earth. The traces of the free movement of the Soul in the work of completing its Master plan, is left behind. The Soul's footprints identify the Soul's "three faces", your personal spiritual ascension. In my previous Delta blog, you can read more about your individual Delta.

The Soul incarnates in a physical body. Earth's physical conditions make incarnation a challenging task. Closer to an astronaut packed well into his space suit, the Soul can move in the inhospitable surroundings of the Earth. The body is the Soul's vehicle on earth and the body is ruled by the Ego. The Soul and Ego are two to gain control over the body. The Soul's task is to realize the incarnation Master plan. The mission of the Ego is governed by the biological and social construction of the mind. The Soul is a fine energy in the face of the coarse energy represented by Ego. Here there is contradiction between two forces and the body is squeezing. This causes pain, wear and tear. When the body pains, it tells about two intrinsic forces fighting for control.

I write about the intelligent body that knows and tells us to change the way we live our lives. The struggle between Ego and Soul is carried out in contradictions and these pains. The body is the Soul's vehicle and it is a fine-tuned tool. When the body pains we will know that the body is talking. The consciousness's task is to listen, understand and to tangle the mind.

In addition to alerting that the struggle between Soul and Ego goes into contradictions, the body is a large treasure trove of silent and hidden knowledge. Just as the soil can hide potshots, ancient Roman coins and litters from the past camp, the body can hide "footprints" from the Soul's liberation on earth. From time to time, the soul succeeds in putting their "boots on the ground". Just achieving to be in practical action with its purpose - its Dharma, puts track in the body's memory. From there, the tracks can be uncovered, decoded and tell us about "The Face of the Soul." This can happen through a subtle process.

Such a process is what I call "the archeology of the body".

The past places traces in the soil. The archaeologist is able to read the landscape - the body of the earth, see its history and understand its historical function. By carefully drawing layers of layers aside, the archaeologist can reveal the secrets of the landscape. This is what the body's archeology is about.

When we make the process of the archeology of the body, we look for something other than pottery, ancient Roman coins and litter from the camp's past. We are looking for hidden memories, silent knowledge and inner images. Where the archaeologist is looking for and uncovering objects, I'm looking for phenomena. What phenomena? Yes, the Soul's footprints. Soul's footprints come to me as energies. They act like words, expressions, images, passages - all linguistically expressed in a process that may seem strange, illogical and perhaps useless. Yes, all of this is correct and the procedure is crucial. The Ego wants to take control of what the tutor hears from you with all his intelligence, strength and strengthened tricks. Your supervision succeeds with the archeology of the body when the Ego is not mixed.

The understanding that you have several bodies, and one of the bodies is an energetic body, is the foundation of the idea of ​​the body's archeology. The energetic body stores memories in the body's connective tissue as you store data in a microfilm. There is information from good, difficult and wounded experiences hidden. From there, they can be retrieved and decoded through a metaphysical process.

The archeology of the body is an essential element of your process of developing your consciousness for a greater purpose.

The archeology of the body is one of the processes you are invited into when you want Awakening in my direction. Once you have uncovered the footprints of the soul and sorted the impressions into energy classes, the three faces of the soul clearly manifest themselves to you. You have ONE soul but THREE faces. In my blog about Delta, you can read more about this.


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