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September 29, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Action through non-action? You think maybe I'm joking? No, I do not actually do that. Keep track of the text and I will reveal my ideas for you.

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Let's go to the theme.

The seed knows

What does a seed know? At the moment before the seed falls to the ground, the seed knows how to become a tree. But more than that, the seed knows how to become a big forest. The seed just knows. This is what I call "action through no action". Without being bounded by a loving mother, instructed by a strict teacher or guarded by any authority, the seed will make sure to become her own resident giant and accomplish herself in countless editions.

What does the seed know?

Let's talk to the Universe

The universe is conscious and creates itself in a process where all layer of matter is involved. The idea of ​​the conscious and self-creating universe was delivered to ancient people in the form of a cosmology that was passed on through inaugurations in closed circles and is known today through symbols, building ruins and hidden mysteries. We do not know which civilization gave humans access to this secret knowledge, we can only find indirect traces of it in the myths themselves.

Today, modern science has come so far that it can soon reconcile itself with this ancient myths. You can find the topic described in several of my blogs and seek out the knowledge from other sources. The exploration process is in itself a part of your dedication to spiritual insight.

The universe is a physical reality we can measure and weigh. The development can be described through mathematical formulas for the exchange of factors in complex equations. The transcendental creative force behind the initiation and development of the universe, as we know it, is only possible to grasp as an idea by studying the shapes the universe has taken and takes. In the transcendent's permanence, we can visualize the image of "God," as the term of what we do not understand.

So let's talk to the universe, it secretly hides a wisdom.


Do you know the term coherence? Cohesion seems to be the power that develops the universe. Through unifying processes, the universe creates itself in its own image. This makes us realize that all matter is conscious that it co-operates and that the result is an intelligent and dynamic universe.

Almost like a seed thrown into the empty room, the universe was initiated and "left to itself". All the universe needed to know to create in its gas formations, its clouds of stardust that evolved into planets and galaxies, lay in the universe from the moment before its birth. The universe as a particle and wave knew how it would be a giant.

The universe knows something that the seed knows and the seed knows something that the universe knows. This knowledge is part of the hidden and forgotten cosmology, the secret doctrine.

Tao Te Ching

When Buddhism wandered from India to China, it met a spiritual insight and a science of nature, which in its essence was similar to its own teachings that the Chinese Taoists welcomed their like-minded as a sister and brother. Tao The Ching means "The Wisdom of the Great Way" and is an insight into a cosmology our modern science is about to explain in its own way to day.

I was led to taoism through knowledge of Chi / Qi, a Chi Gong master led me there and an Aikido master taught me how to move physical objects without the use of power.

Wu Wei

Taoism is about understanding and interacting with nature through the absence of force. Nature has all power and it is transformed into the creative process as source. When we act through the absence of power, we act from a spiritual inner to a physical outer. The Taoists express this so beautifully in its saying "Water resists nothing but breaks all".

Wu Wei is the Chinese term for how taoisme understands nature and how it acts as "the water." In fact, Wu Wei is passed through the water. Likewise, it is with the wind. It blows down a forest, but even a child can sting its hand through it. This is how the universe behaves. Wu Wei is a hidden and forgotten act of nature, even though it appears before our eyes every day.

How the tree grows

For a long time, I thought that the tree grew large from the root. I discovered I was wrong. The tree grows from the outermost tip on its outer leaf, where the edge of the blade touches the prana (particles) of the sun in the surrounding air. In this non-touch with the sun's life-giving particles, the blade stretches toward the sun and the rest of the tree is included.

This is the story of action through non-action.

Summary words

As the tree grows by action through non-action, you also do. The fewest people know the secret. Most people think that growth is a challenge for muscles and physical power. They could not fault it more. Look at the dandelion where it breaks through the asphalt to stretch its yellow and busty head toward the sun. Does it use power?

Action through non action - Wu Wei - is a power that is hidden and forgotten within you. You can seek it and awaken it. In several of my texts you will find clues that show you the way. Feel free to search.


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