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March 15, 2019 I Jon Mostad

No seeing, no listening, no thinking - Everything will come to you through non-action How is this possible? I don't quite know if I understand my own quote, but it came to me as an expression of a deep channelled wisdom and the phrase fascinates me. Welcome to my blog. I am deeply touched by the Dalai Lama's teaching to "bring me a greater life," not for this part of life, but for life to come after this. That's why I read and write much of my day. I share what I read, through reflections in my blog and on Instagram where you find me as @mostadjon. My studies and written reflections are designed to prepare me for a "greater life". If my preparations can be of benefit to others, then I know that the purpose of my life is affected. Thanks to you who click in and read my blog. I seek to understand the challenges mankind faces. I try to open up to new paths people have to go, due to complex changes. The experience of being human is influenced by strong megatrends, such as polarization, immaterialization and acceleration and complexity. All supported by an expanding technological advancement and the growth of artificial intelligence.  This challenges has to been meet with a different type of conscious presence than the one who has developed humans so far. People should develop a sense of understanding that moves the boundaries of a 3D (3 dimensional) reality. Only then can humans understand themselves as greater than the artificial intelligence and manage AI as an opportunity for their growth. I blog about these topics and if you search in my texts you will find many perspectives affected. I have no religious or philosophical agenda, only free reflections based on reading the great mystery traditions as well as reading relevant insights created by future researchers. I often teach and then primarily as a process supervisor where you yourself find your wisdom. I have no wisdom I will deliver to you. I only make myself available for your own reflections and your own development. Every Friday 7 PM CET (Central European Time) I post the week's blog. It is followed up with daily quotes and captions on Instagram @mostadjon. Prepare for the future. It comes with many faces. It tears off old ideas and replaces them with new ones. Are you ready for the week's text? About colors and lights How can we understand action through non-action? It must be absolutely meaningless to claim that all action in a physical world can happen through non-action? How should I move my body from somewhere in the room to another place in the room without acting? Well thought, let me try to clear a little in the performance. Be prepared for a perspective that may seem somewhat theoretical. I want to start with Sir Isac Newton, the English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, alchemist, chemist, inventor and philosopher of nature. He was born in 1643 and lived until 1727, he was 84 years old. Newton saw God as a "mechanic" and nature as a mechanism, a kind of advanced machine. The universe was regulated by logical and physical laws. Everything in the observed reality could be explained logically and mechanically. Newton rejected all mysticism and wanted to clean religious beliefs for mystery. Newton's world was a physically observable, measurable, and adjustable mechanism. Through Newton, a mechanical worldview was established and we can say that this worldview forms the basis of the Western science today. A key word for me is Newton's mention and understanding of gravity. I will continue with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German poet, writer, humanist and natural scientist. He was born in 1749 and lived until 1832, he was 83 years old. Goethe perceived art and science as overlapping forms of knowledge. In 1810, He formulates a draft of a color theory. There he breaks with Newton who believed that all colors are in the white light and that we experience colors when the light is broken in different waves. Goethe found that colors are something other than waves. Colors occur when light meets dark. Goethe envisioned three color categories. One was the chemical colors that are colors as we find them on different objects, eg. a painting or a house. The other category is the physical colors that are colors as we see them in the sky or in light-emitting objects. The third category is the physiological colors that are colors related to the visual sense and can be understood as an interpretation of a color impression. Two big thinkers stand up against each other. Newton saw colors as a physical property of white light. Goethe saw colors as a subjective experience depending on the expectations we have of the color, in which environment the color behaves, and the eye and brain's structure.  Why do I bring Newton and Goethe into my reflections on "action through non-action"? I will explain myself immediately. Newton explained the laws of nature mechanically and regarded God as the mechanic of existence. Newton's mathematical explanation and calculation of gravity and his color theory as a physical attribute of the light itself, illustrate his mechanical outlook. Goethe explained the world from a different perspective by removing the distinction between subject and object. Goethe's worldview explained thinking as a sense organ in line with the eye and ear. Just as the ear perceives sounds and the eye perceives colors, the thinking perceives ideas. Goethe insisted that there are no fixed limitations to human cognition. Newton saw the world as mechanically explained, Goethe saw the world as being created through the phenomena of thought. Where Newton explained gravity (everything falls to the ground) as a law of nature, Goethe explained levitation (everything extends toward the light) as its opposite. For Newton, God stood behind everything but is not present in the mechanical processes that worked in the universe. For Goethe is God in everything and works in all, and is thus present as a creative force in a developing universe. With Newton's and Goethe's philosophy of science, I can illustrate the theme of "action through non-action". Action through Non-Action The mechanical action as an action where force meets counter-force is mathematically explained by Newton and has been an explanation of universal processes until Albert Einstein (1879-1955) made his theory of relativity. Einstein opened a page of science that would be explained differently from Newton's laws. Action as a will-driven and physical manifestation of forces is still the consideration that at any rate the West underlies its development, economy, technology, etc. Goethe's phenomenological and thought-based understanding of the world as more than the physically senses give access to, is primarily recognized in the sciences of humanity and artistic disciplines. Action through Non-action is very difficult to understand within the framework of a mechanical worldview. How can action take place by not acting? Is there a law of nature and therefore a natural force that works the opposite of the law of gravity? Where we all know gravity, does anyone know levitation? I now move into a mythical space that can hardly be explained in a short blog. You will find several texts on my blog where I reflect on the theme. If you want to penetrate deeper into the topic, search my blog. Levitation is not scientifically proven, but the concept and theme are central to spiritual texts and in the philosophy of the East. "Normally," people act from a physical interior, consisting of will and power, to a physical exterior. The few also know that Man can act from a spiritual interior, consisting of the absence of will and use of power. By renouncing the will and use of power, we open up the body's own inner energetically knowledge. You can trace this body's intelligence in the form of energy, by studying the non-violent martial arts such as Aikido. The Masters of these arts, dissolve the incoming violent energy and disarms the attacker by neutralizing the gravity of the attack. I myself have experienced and gained practice under supervision, this form of levitation. The ancient Chinese natural philosophers, formulated their notions of action through non-action, in the principle of Wu Wei. By no force nature finds the "way" (Tao - and therefore the Taoism) itself. The notion that the seed knows how to become a tree and thereby a forest, fascinates me. When I realized that the tree grows from the outer edge of its highest leaf, where the edge of the leaf meets the sun's particles in the air, and not from the root of its large stem, this image became clear to me. The End The universe is developed through natural laws, humans do not fully understand. Even the most advanced mathematics cannot explain the cosmology of the universe. Action through non-action is a law of nature, but humans cannot explain it, only understand it and experience it. I think this topic will be illuminated again and again. Maybe I'll meet you in my texts coming? Jon

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