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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Do I shadow my real life?

Is there an Inherent I, untouched by innate instincts, sensory experiences and feelings? An Inherent I, who is possible to reach? Does my Acquired I, shadow my Inherent I? 

When I read texts of thoughts and practices from the historical tibetan buddhist-master Milarepa, dead 1123,

the answer is YES. I actually stand in the way of my real life.

How could I get so far?

When we humans incarnate and choose the Earth as planet,  we choose an earthly atmosphere with gravity and a stressful physical reality. The Soul is acting on behalf of the Spirit. The assignment is twofold. One side is to illuminate the Earth, bringing light to darkness. The other side is bringing experiences back to The Spirit. The soul is the messenger between two spheres, the spiritual and the earthly.

The Soul has no sense of personality - no ego. On the other hand, The Soul needs both a body, a persona and an ego, to live and act in a mortal reality. My closest picture for explanation,  is when I dive in water, I'm wearing a diving suit. Body, personality and ego are created by and for the stay on Earth. This is a temporary required equipmen.

In its physical frequency, this equipment is heavier, slower and less vibrant than the one of The Soul. The Soul who owns the purpose of the incarnation, see picturally major challenges in placing its "boots on the ground». Many souls never reach to get their "boots on the ground», and more incarnations follow. This is to be trapped in the karmic tissue

Yes, I shadow my real life and delay the growth of my Inherent I. 

Milarepa explains how my Acquired I shadow my Inherent I. Milarepa explains how to seek support from my inner master "Awaken Rest," to reach my innermost I. Buddhisms «The Eightfolded way» is the framework for how to dissolve my «Five Clusters of Clingings» and thus reach my Spiritual Inner.

My Spiritual Inner only knows the language of source. Desires and will-power are absent. When I speak and act from my Spiritual Inner, I encounter with balance. When I seek the Wisdom of the Soul and move from my Inherent I, I am in the essence of Source of Creation, what the ancient Chinese masters understood as TAO.

We can all connect our Inherent I. The path is found by knowing the differ between Acquired and Inherent I. 

So easy - so complex. 


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