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September 13, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Nordic version of the text in PDF click the link to download:

Akkomodasjon_Del3_Den opplyste tilstand_Blogg uke 38-2018


Is there a higher consciousness? Should human consciousness ever be awakened and accommodate an understanding greater than that which accommodates human understanding of reality today?

I put the question in a series of blogs and give my ideas in response. You are at my last text in the DAWN series a way to expand 5D awareness. All my blogs are written from a notion that people are created in the image of a transcendent creative force that has chosen to manifest itself in a physical reality. My performance is neither religious nor scientific. It is spiritual.

Weekly every Friday night (European Time) I post a blog at and the blog is shared to my official Facebook page. Every day at Instagram I post Quotes and Captions that complement the week's theme.

I am looking forward to my followers and invite you to comment and feel free to contact me if you wish to study.

The story of the hidden wisdom

Man is an inquisitor. From being an isolated group and a limited number of primates who once dared to take the step from the safe but limited existence of the crown of the trees, to a perilous but infinitely much greater opportunity-oriented existence on the steppes, humans have conquered the land, began exploring the deep seas and the boundless universe. Man is a frontier.

In keeping with the conquests and boundaries, humans have developed and expanded their consciousness.

Once upon a time in the past, the wisdom of the self-creating, conscious and causative universe, was delivered to the humans by a science culture we do not know today, which cannot be found but can be seen in the form of the mysteries delivered. The knowledge of the living universe was passed through secret initiations in closed scientific circles. This part of the story is beyond my blog text frame, but you can find traces of the insight into several of my blogs. Feel free to start the search.

Mystery versus Analysis

Today, human development has come to a stage in evolution where the mystery of the self-creating, conscious and causative universe can at least be revealed. When ancient mystery schools and their inaugurations in the secret doctrine were shut down by the dominant religious formations and condemned as heretical teachings, mysteries were hidden and forgotten. We know that development was definite and necessary. The ancient Mystery Brain should be closed down for a long time in human development history to accommodate the development of the Analytical Brain.

When time comes and the Analytical Brain is designed to open the meeting with the hidden and forgotten knowledge, the Mystery Brain will be awakened for its next evolutionary leap. The time when man has thought with his head and felt with the heart shall be replaced by a time when Man feels with her/his head and thinks with her/his heart. Studying Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy, gives you the clues of this part of the story.

Why Expanded Consciousness?

Schools of Mystery have always known that the universe is conscious of its existence and is self-evolving. Science of Nature is currently opening up for this spiritual performance. Today we see that Science of Nature opens up to Science of Spirit. The time for our two sciences to unite in a third great story about the universe is approaching.

All matter is conscious and coherent, and therefore co-creating in development of the conscious universe. Humans participation in this process is both spiritual and pragmatic. In my blogs, I indicate three spiritual and three pragmatic main reasons for human beings to actively participate in the development of their individual consciousness. On an individual basis, man can turn his back to the three spiritual reasons, but will be obtained by the three pragmatic.

What is expanded awareness?

In my blog "5D Consciousness - Introduction" I give you an introduction to my ideas about a 5D expanded consciousness. The development of humanity, the solar system and the universe as a whole, demands and opens up for increased consciousness. The individual person is invited to the next step of evolution, but himself has to "climb down from the tree" and conquer the savannah. The few people do, but over time, most people will.

Where is there a way to expanded consciousness?

In my blog "Three stages towards 5D Consciousness" I present the program "DAWN" and the three ways to new self-awareness and expanded consciousness. DAWN is based on knowing The Wisdom, The Path and The Choice. Through three portals I call Awareness, Awakening and Accommodation, you listen to the soul and follow its inspirations.

1. Awareness - the scene where the night's catharic darkness gives way to the sun's vitality

The night is the "Little Death" where you are cleansed and prepared for "The Great Birth," the new day to come. In the deep sleep you can not see or feel the sun's rays rising upon you. In the unconsciousness of sleep you are cut off from the senses experience of the process in which light is preparing to dissolve the darkness. This is only partially true. Like the birds sitting on their branches or resting in their nest, you will unconsciously feel the sun before it stands up as an indelible source to fill you with its power. The soul sends its life-giving rays into your body and it sings the song of the birds - you shall wake up and walk the path.

2. Awakening - the scene where a new universe is born in your own life

When you awake, the process begins where you leave your Acquired I and unite with your Inherent I. Your Acquired I is created by senses and social experiences in a limited 3D world. If you follow The School of DAWN, you are led through a process that I call «The Archeology of The Body" and you identify «The Three Faces of The Soul" which expresses the spiritual evolutionary ascension of your soul back to the great spirit. Your soul's three faces is a differential source as when conscious, allows you to redeem your life without the use of power. This source is what I understand as the TAO, The Great Path of the Taoists. In your awakening process, you look up your hidden and coded Life’s Purpose, decode and manifest for action.

3. Accommodation - is the state of enlightenment

When accommodate you are transforming yourself. The process is partly unconscious and deeply spiritual, that is, you move yourself while you change yourself. You open your heart and let your Inherent I come forward - the great one. Accommodation is the stage where you open the time of the great version of yourself. The transformation of soul, mind and body takes place in this stage. You came to earth to learn, research and create. You are born like a Magical child and the process grows you to the giant you are destined to be.

Some final words

A blog has its own frame as limitation. I could have chosen to write more and I could choose to write less. You can find more and you can find less of my messages by looking into and reading my previous blogs selectively. «DAWN - The Wisdom, The Path, The Choice» is a development program, an additional education and a book. The book is written in the two Nordic languages Danish and Norwegian, and is prepared for translation into English.

I associate Accommodation with the term Enlightened without going deeply into what I put into this term. Maybe this will turn out to be a text for an upcoming blog? Meanwhile, here’s Carl Jung's understanding og the word: "Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious."

My own approach is somewhat different and can be read in my blog "Enlightenment - a perspective of impermanence".

Thank you so much my friend for looking into my world.


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