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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Accomodation, what is that about?

Accommodation is what I call  - The State of Enlightenment – when you accommodate you open your heart and let the Giant perform.

You can search the mystery of The Mystery, the inexplicable and the incomprehensible, by searching for the keys to the secret, hidden deep within yourself. I see three stages on the pathway to a greater understanding of ourselves and an expanded consciousness.

Awareness is the stage where the night's cathartic darkness gives way to the sun's life-giving force.

You can not see or feel the rays of the sun that will rise within you and give you the light of a new day. Like the birds that sit on its branches or resting in their nests, you will feel The Sun before it shows up, like an unspeakable source that slowly fills you. The road to Awarness starts with silence. The day you start listening to your self, you will soon or later discover what the birds at dawn know.

Awakening is the stage where you are born again into a new day - a new universe in your own life. When Awake, you switch frequency and find the evolutionary force that lifts you up to your Life`s Purpose. "Thou shalt rise up", that's what life is all about. You will evoce and return to The Spirit that awaits you, when your life has run its course. Deeply hidden in your inner life is the hidden object "Life`s Purpose" like an unexplained hieroglyph.

Accomodation is the stage where you open the time-space where the large version of yourself can perform. The transformation of the body, consciousness and soul takes place in this stage. The three major education programs of The Enlightened You, find its form and set into motion. You came to Earth to learn, to research and to create. You are born as a Magical Child and grow your way to a Performing Giant.

The trees, The Standing People, know from being a seed how they will become a big tree and a fertile forest.

So it is with you and the portal is Accomodation. 


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