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September 6, 2018 | Jon Mostad

"If you live in a river, make friends with the crocodile" - is an ancient Indian saying with great wisdom. I need this metaphor when I now will introduce you to Port 3 of the DAWN program, a way to new self-awareness and expanded awareness.

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The Evolving Man

With the evolution of Man, the ability to discern and the ability to be loved followed. Just this to discern and to be loving is specifically human. When we discern, we make ethical and therefore aesthetic considerations. The choices of Man are always based on a higher knowledge, though it is unconscious. When we are loving, we are united with the creative source, being love is also a choice. Man is a living Being and the only Being on earth who is responsible for his actions.

The process of DAWN

DAWN is a program in which the participant takes responsibility for her/his transformation from an awareness that is well adapted to the current human space of evolution. When the new future comes, old performances are overthrown and Man has to adapt to new challenges.

DAWN is based on a process of Awareness that leads the participant to a process of Awakening that emerges in a matrix shift called Accommodation. When accommodating, you change your imagination about yourself and the world, unite with your Inherent I and become the big issue of yourself. I call Accommodation for Portal 3. In my upcoming blog, I will present it more practical.

DAWN imagines three reasons for Man to "become friends with the crocodile".

The first performance is about human encounter with artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence is algorithmic and will surpass man's ability to remember, draw logical endings and communicate without wounded emotions. In central logical areas, artificial intelligence will become human intelligence superior and it will communicate apparently empathic - a seductive experience.

The second performance is about Science of Nature encounters with Science of Spirituality. The meeting is about a measuring-based science meeting a science based on phenomena, where these two unite in a third science. This science will be based on an accommodation of knowledge that will move the limits of human consciousness as it is developed today.

The third performance is about science realizing that the universe is conscious and self-creating. Modern astrophysics points to a cosmology that seems to understand a planetary coherence - intelligent interaction. The consequence is that we can see all matter as consciousness and it is active in its own creation.

Humans within the inhibitory 3D

Humans are perfectly adapted to a 3 dimensional (3D) sense of mind. The three ideas I outline above are such characters that a human 3D world as an explanation for reality, does not extend. Humans will have to accommodate their sense of consciousness and this might happens through a process of awakening. Such an awakened and expanded consciousness does not come by itself. Humans will meet the impulses and know the invitation, but they shall actively engage and create the transformation themselves.

The challenges I describe are the pragmatic challenges - I can also call them the "practical challenges". I can also call them exoteric (outer) if you want to be with me.

I also see three spiritual challenges and I call them the esoteric (inner) challenges:

The one spiritual challenge is about the enlightenment and initiation of you as a soul.

The other is about the transformation of planet Earth from being a planet in the dark to become a planet in the light.

The third is to understand the esoteric universe and to live in an esoteric astrological worldview.

The challenging spirituality

Few people understand the spiritual tasks of human beings and take their duties seriously as souls in a body on behalf of the Spirit. I can understand their denial, as this story blows the frames of a 3D sense of consciousness. On the other hand, I think more people can accept the three pragmatic / exoteric performances, as they feel physically on the body and can be traced in everyday life. Right now, people have an initial attention to ecology and climate change. This is only a limited part of the challenges humans will face.

Accommodation is to create yourself in a new performance image (Matrix) that contains new, unknown and demanding patterns. A process where you are co-creating in your own evolution and develops a larger version of yourself. Accommodation is transforming from your Acquired I to your Inherent I. Transformation is an inner journey that begins with the Awareness and is redeemed through the recognition of your life purpose and the identification of obstacles within the stage of Awakening, transformed into opportunities by passing through Portal 3 Accommodation.

In my next blog I will describe for you more practically what's happening when you pass through Portal 3.

Humans life is a "river" where the "crocodile" is the great evolution that "eats" you if you do not become friends with it - and you can.

Stay tuned


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