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June 29, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Acceleration and complexity is the third and final megatrend I relate to in my construction of «Futures of Man». In my blog text of week 26 - 2018 I gave a presentation of the second megatrend Polarization. My text of week 25 - 2018 presented Immaterialization as the primarily trend.

«Futures of Man» is a construction I do, to accommodate my ideas about the development of awareness and mind. Futures of Man is an evolutionary oasis; a meeting place for ideas, texts, illustrations, videos, events, teachings and a gallery.

Blogtexts, Facebook posts and processing of what I call micro poetry at Instagram, will in the future highlight the theme «Futures of Man». In the long term, you can order artwork of blog texts, Quotes, Captions, attend events and collect items initiated for the theme.

Feel free to follow my daily Quotes and Captions related to the weekly theme, on Instagram @mostadjon.

Good, lets go to the theme.

"Futures of Man" is a spiritual image in which I reflect on people's challenges forced by the three chosen megatrends, mentioned in the beginning. Futures are realities that come to us as disruptive innovations, driven by far more megatrends than my chosen three.

I use acceleration and complexity as a metaphor. Collecting and connecting the three megatrends of immaterialization, polarization and acceleration and complexity, I create a triangle. You'd better understand my symbolism if you know what I mean by a triangle - a Delta. I recommend you to go to my blog text for week 8 -2018, Delta - Pythagorus’ fourth letter. In spiritual symbolism, the triangle, Delta, is a mythical sign. I leave you to reflect on my symbolism, by reading the text from week 8-2018. You are always invited to contact me for an elaboration.

Acceleration as physics and Complexity as social science within spirituality

Acceleration expresses the change rate of an object versus time. Acceleration in the context of "Futures of Man" is the function of human phenomenological and cognitive derived displacement. People cling to imaginary worlds (positions) and leave them in favor of new perceptions (new positions). The time (speed) the person undergoes the move increases.

Complexity expresses what is composed of inequalities and appears as a whole. Psychology associates the coherence of what is a complex system for affecting emphasis. That is, the language is the instrument in which emotions and beliefs bind together in complex future images. Evolution of complexity requests a language capable of connecting peoples imaginary beliefs and pattern of actions, to functional and communicated systems.

Hard to understand? Give me a chance.

Acceleration and complexity as transaction and transformation

I am concerned about how man creates imagination, that is, I try to understand awarness. Influenced by mega trends, human awareness will change. The evolution will accelerate and the complexity will increase. From the ancient Egyptian-Chaldean civilization up to today, the "project" has consisted in evolving the natural science brain. Now, time has come to evolve the phenomenological brain. The development has begun, and I illustrate the movement through my blog text on "Immaterialization." Acceleration expresses the rate of change and it is increasing. People change their imagination and move in positions of how reality is understood, and the speed increases.

Complexity as a system can be understood as the construction of single parts into one whole and the whole of which has characteristics other than the single parts would indicate. Complexity builds itself as a pyramid by each actor acting on its own goals but at the same time so that all parties must adapt to each other. Complexity (also) increases its speed.

Self-transformation - a spiritual competence

The combination of acceleration and complexity requires people to displace the skills of self-transformation. Transformation is "moving under change" and has a multi-dimensional dynamics compared to a more two-dimensional transaction limited to "relocation". The self-transforming person evolves his consciousness and changes it during the relocation. The transacting person however, adjusts to the changes without being active in his own relocation. The self-transforming man creates himself in his choice of futures images. The transacting person adapts to given future.

Futures of Man

Futures can be produced in complex and dynamic formations. Futures arise and tear down old patterns of truths and beliefs. The forces behind the changes can be expressed in mega trends. By putting the mega trends together in scenario cross, we can predict possible futures and make choices among them. Man has two possibilities; themselves being the creators of their own favorite future or being shaped by the disruptions that the future itself chooses. Futures of Man is the kaleidoscope where I reflect on the degree og freedom man can get.

Imagine that your futures degree of action is characterized by the three major and dynamic forces named as Immaterialization, Polarization and Acceleration and Complexity. Your future prospects will be designed by forces that affect you in abstract directions (immaterialized), you will find that people are pulled apart, because of confronting values, religious and political views and motives for actions are becoming more and more foreign (polarized) and all happens within an increasing rate of change through development of individuality; initiatives that are part of coexisting and co-creative systems (acceleration and complexity).

In such a picture, self-transforming people will be able to choose their preferred future image, attract the image and take charge of their own evolution.

In blog texts and on my Instagram account @mostadjon, I will continue my reflections and further give my attention to:

* Technology and future

* Natural science meets the science of Spirituality

* A 5-dimensional awareness

Stay tuned!


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