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January 4, 2019 | Jon Mostad

Do you see yourself in the mirror and think "oh no ..."? You're simply not happy with yourself? That's how it is for me. I can wake up in the morning or when I go to bed in the evening, I'm looking through the mirror thinking "no ...". If you feel like me, it may be a great comfort to know that we are in a larger version of ourselves. How is it possible? I'll say something about it.

Welcome to my blog with new texts for the coming weeks.

Every Friday at 1900 (PM 0700 CET) I post a text that is followed up with elaborate comments every day at Instagram @mostadjon. If you follow my blog and posts on Instagram, you can access a large archive where topics related to new self-awareness and expanded awareness are addressed.

In the blog last week, I wrote about life that hurts us. I wrote about how we can choose to look at life's challenges as something and more than illness. Of course, pain should be checked by expertise and treated. In addition, we can learn to understand life's challenges that hurts, like a side of life itself.

In this text I write about «The Great You»» - the one that is greater than what you see in the mirror.

Let’s go for the theme.

How is it to be you?

I ask you questions and as you think, I'll tell you a little about myself.

I think I've spent many years "getting to know myself." It may sound odd, but actually it is true. I've lived a life the way I thought mom, dad, teachers and authorities have told me. Then I became very ill and had to restart my life in many ways. Then I realized that I had lived a life separated from a «greater version» of myself. In a way, I found myself in two editions. One edition is the one I've learned to be. The second edition is the one that was "hidden" inside me and that I had the opportunity to unfold.

Could it be so for you too? You are in an edition that everyone else wants you to fit in. The second edition of you also exists, but it's waiting to be released.

Are you the one you see?

The question may sound odd. Let me try to explain. You have five senses. You have more but we are happy to talk about five mains. You hear, look, smell, taste and feel. Did you know we count the sense of smell like the oldest? This senses are perfectly adapted to a physical life where we see the reality in three dimensions: length, width and height. We live in and sense a 3D world perfectly. Rarely do we think that a 3D world is a limitation. We move in and experience a limited world! Such is when you see yourself in the mirror - you see a 3D edition of yourself. You do not think that you exist in several dimensions, and these dimensions do not look in the mirror.

If you search for my blog, you'll find texts where I write about the dimensions you can not see; namely 4D and 5D.

Who are you then?

I claim that the one you see in the mirror is only one version of yourself. You can find your self in several editions and all is about the senses in use. Have you thought so before? I'll do it all a little more spectacularly. Many people I'm working with ask me about the "meaning of life". They can not find an opinion with life that brings joy to life. People who come to me with such a question have come a long way. Do you ever ask the question? Try. See what you're up to.

All people are born for a purpose of life. Just there are many disagreements with me in. They think I'm talking bullshit. Tell them about it. If people came to life on earth without a purpose, this would be the greatest waste. The universe does not work like this. However, only the fewest people know their life’s purpose. People can spend their entire lives searching for their live’s purpose without finding it. I think that's a pity.

If you look in the mirror and do not think anything positiv about yourself, as I do from time to time, it's the 3D edition of yourself you see and it does not show your version of yourself in your 4D (mind) and 5D your intuition) and do not tell who you are for life’s purposes. You like all other people on Earth, have a "secret" task that you must meet. In fact, this is the «great version of yourself".

Ego and Soul

As long as I have written about the great version of yourself, you and I also exist in a limited version of ourselves? It may not sound so nice, but yes, I think so. We are in a «limited» and a «great» edition. The one we see in the mirror is the "limited», the one who is restricted in a 3D world. The «great» you can only be seen with the senses from a 4D and 5D world. This is actually possible.

Ego is the sensory shaped personality that controls us in a 3D world. The great issue of ourselves is the spiritual personality that controls us in a 4D and 5D world. Life is not primarily a material or physical journey; it is a spiritual journey with a particular purpose of life.

Do you ever think about yourself this way? If not, try to follow my mind. I point out a direction for you where you can go to be "happy" with what you see when you see yourself in the mirror because you are not what you see.


You are welcome to read more about the subject in previous blogs and you are most welcome to contact me. I'll be happy if I find you in my blog or receive a question from you.

See you next week!


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