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February 22, 2019 | Jon Mostad

Love is about the closeness to the beauty of the creative process, wisdom in dealing with what is incomprehensible and patience in relationships. "Love" - ​​what else than "beautiful" can we say about such a word? I have chosen to share some thoughts with you this week, under the heading Love. All libraries in the world, all bookstores, social media and private letters, are filled with notions of Love, what more can I add? Very little, I think, if I do not look at the content of the word from other angles than what is common. Do you want to be with me on such a small journey in the world of thoughts? On instagram I have a profile called @mostadjon. Every day I post a quote or a caption, where I think deeper into a weekly theme posted on this blog. I change topics every Monday and the posts on Instagram dig deeper into my blog text for the week. A text on my blog and short daily specials on Instagram. In this way, I seek to create a "universe" of thoughts about the mysteries of future, consciousness and spirituality. You can follow my blog and Instagram posts freely and without obligation. The texts do not have a religious purpose but seek to understand spirituality as a side of man across religion and politics. Ready? Let’s look at the theme of the week. The mysteries I follow with interest the progressive science approach to the Universe's creative process and the notion that the Universe is a self-creating consciousness, yes - the universe itself is consciousness. The idea that the Universe is conscious of its own existence and that all matter from its preconditions, creates and develops the Universe, is almost spiritual. Such an explanation can hardly be understood on the basis of man's physical senses and logical brain.  If the Universe is consciousness in itself, then cosmology (the scientific explanation of the universe's creation and development) should be written almost as a holistic encounter between science of nature and science of spirit.  I am convinced that the ancient wisdom traditions and religious narratives understood the Universe as a self-creating and self-conscious organism. The myths say that once in their pre-history people were handed over a science of the cosmos and laws of nature that surpasses our knowledge today. We can find traces of this science in temples, stone tablets, hieroglyphs and texts. Once in man's prehistory, initiated scientific priests and priestesses knew a cosmology that contained insights into the laws of nature we have forgotten today, but may be re-discovering. Love as a law of nature As I am a "free pen" and are not bound to adhere strictly scientific or religious to any orthodoxy, I have allowed my mind to play with possible notions of "what the moving source» of the Universe expansion may be. You will find several blog texts where I reflect on the theme. If you follow the keywords "Taoism", "Phytagoras" / "Pythagoras" and "Delta", much information will be opened to you. A notion that grabs me deeper and deeper is that "love" is a creative source that develops the Universe through movement that consists of both expansion and gravity. I play with the idea that this "love" is a law of nature and that it can be described through a "secret mathematics". On a later occasion, I will formulate my thoughts on love as a mythical law of nature, to be rediscovered and placed in our notions of a holistic cosmology. Let’s look to my quote: Love is about the closeness to the beauty of the creative process What do I understand by "closeness to the beauty of the creative process"? Texts from ancient Chinese Taoist masters brought me close to understanding of the beauty of nature's creative process. "Tao" means the path and the ancient Chinese nature philosophy is about understanding the Universe as a moving and nurturing source. Nature renews itself and expands from an inner core to an outer manifestation characterized by the absence of force. The creative source is a physical manifestation of non-force. Love must be about giving life, fostering life and spreading life. Love is about wisdom in dealing with what is incomprehensible Love as I have explained my view in the paragraph above is unconditional and uncompromising, to compare with a mother's or father's love for their child. Love as a creative source has no expectations, no prejudices and no quantified goals. I can just as well say the words of the Buddhist teaching "emptiness as form", even though this teaching is almost incomprehensible, even to Buddhists. The universe itself is "emptiness as form". Shape has no will beyond being a form, the one who receives, also the incomprehensible. The river runs down and into the valley, the valley is "emptiness as form". It welcomes without asking questions, even the smallest and seemingly most insignificant river is welcome. Love is to accommodate what is not to be understood.  Love is about patience in relationships Relationships are complicated exchanges of various forms of energy. For humans, hardly anything is more complicated than having to exchange meaningful communication in relationships. The moment you invite the other into a common room where both find space, marvel at each other's worlds and seek to clarify intentions and content in the sent messages, love is acting. When you and the other become One and Not Two, you speak the language of love and no conflict is needed to bring the situation into motion. Love I see love as a law of nature. It holds everything without prejudice, needs no explanations and is humble patience in the face of the other. Love as a law of nature is the moving force of the Universe, Shakti, - the power that acts without power and is expressed as KA (life force), Chi, Qi, the feminine creative source. It has no gender. KA flows through me and it flows through you. When we are in love we are in the closeness to the beauty of the creative process, dealing with what is incomprehensible and show patience in relationships. All my best to you


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