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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Love? Who am I writing about love?

I have to understand the theme of Love. Love is a side of the Universe's consciousness. My broad agenda is to understand consciousness, the future of consciousness, then I have to understand Love. The next great evolutionary step of man is to expand its consciousness, and therefore, you see, I have to understand Love.

For a long time, I have thought that Love is what I feel in my attraction to another person, to an animal that is close to me, to the nature around me or the beautiful minerals that glimpse. For a long time, I have thought that the joy I know at a new meeting, a new discovery, a progress, is Love. Love has been synonymous with atractions. Sympathy and empathy have been Love. Acceptance and care to myself by myself, have been Love. Yes, even a day of good mood has been Love.

Slowly, slowly I have begun asking the question - do I Love you when I desire you? Do I Love you when I know I will "own you forever"? Do I Love you when I need to confirm you? Do I Love you when I need to bring you with me, every day and all hours? Is such a need and such behavior Love?

After studies and reflections on own needs and actions, the answer begins to come to me.

In previous blogs about "Consciousness," I explain how I understand the conscious Universe. How the transcendental creative force decides to take shape from an antisipated image of what it can become, through a dynamic and creative power. Ignited by The Word, the transcendent creative force took shape. By giving The Word into a human form, the transcendent creative force operates in a meaningful, interacting and evolving reality. The Universe as consciousness is created by you and me, through participation.

I have little understanding of the laws of physics and mathematics, the laws that must be in progress to make it possible for us to travel with a conscious, vibrant and creative universe. Nevertheless, I have sufficient knowledge to understand this genious beauty of aesthetics. The variables that seized each other's potential, entered into processes and created our Causal Conscious Universe, are in my image the Love I seek to understand. .

Perhaps I can say that Love is the Math of Consciousness?

The Universe is pure consciousness and Love is its creative mathematics. You and I are co-creators of and within The Universe of Consciousness. The Creator's God "Hu" ( named by the word that initiated the creation) is united with the Sanskrit word "Manas" (mindset) in our English word "humans". A very beautiful and metaphysical linguistic construction. We "hu-mans" are given The Word and Mindset, to be co-creators of The Universe.

Love is to be co-creators in the aesthetics of the causal context. Something far different and more advanced than being a slave of the illusions of the senses and the desire of the ego. Man is invoked on earth as a co-worker. Our limitations and therefore our possibilities exist in our universe of mental ideas, words and will to action.

As I leave the idea of ​​the «love » of the senses and accept the Love of causality, I embrace the world of art. Intuition is the channel where the creative force adds to the causal relationships and makes the creative person possible.

You who seek Love will have to search beyond the impetus of the senses. Through play you must be open to the intuition's metaphors and aesthetics. To me it appears through inner images and words I create.

Let's seek Love together, like artists do. 


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