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February 1, 2018 | Jon Mostad

What do birds know that I do not know? Before the sun has ceased to illuminate the night, the birds song warns a new day’s coming. The night, the little death, is the weeping and cleansing time between sunset and sunrise. The night is the little death and the great cleanser.

In the coming week no 06-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on dawn. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

The ancient Egyptians had their mythological beliefs about the sun's death, the night as the cleaner and the birth of a new day. I think the ancient Egyptians' performances are beautiful. Life shall be terminated, cleansed, reconciled and reborn as new. The Hindus tell me "everybody dies, but no one is dead".

In this blog I write about dawn. Why?

The blog text reflects my thoughts about how we humans live our lives. I write about how we can experience the pain of life, as a dark night. Even if life still lives, life can be felt like dead. I have experiences from my own life and from many others, supporting this view. Through clinical work I have often asked myself, where does this pain and this darkness come from? What is life seeking to tell when days feels like dark nights? What is the body telling us through pain as a language? I found the answer for my own part and kept it for many. The understanding was beautiful and the effect magical.

We humans are incarnated souls. Spirit is the consciousness of the Universe, the child of the masculine image and the feminine movement. The idea and the birth. From the conscious Universe we incarnate on Earth for three purposes. We are set up to transform Earth from dark to light. We shall co-create the conscious Universe. We shall develop as souls for major tasks in later incarnations.

The Earth is still not an illuminated planet. By our thoughts and actions, we will change the frequency of the planet and transform it from dark to light. The Universe is a child of the ability of the transcendental creative power to imagine and put itself into life. The universe is like a child. Through reasoning, learning and action, it reflects upon itself and creates a mature and by time a grown Universe. The four realms of the Universe; humans, animals, plants and minerals, are all levels of consciousness that creates the Universe. We are all co-creators. Few people imagine life on Earth as a journey of discovery where we both will work spiritually with the Earth's frequencies, co-create the Universe's consciousness and prepare for our next life. Most people I meet have a physical idea of ​​life. Many seek a religious affiliation, but are not consciously about their spiritual task. Here is the beginning of the night.

We are souls living in highly intelligent bodies. We have chosen to reincarnate on a hostile planet, to put forward a mission. Life itself as a collection of multiple matrixes may have no purpose, as souls we have.

Our bodies are closest to comparing with space suits protecting us. Our bodies are physically autonomous, speak their own inner language and make their own agreements within cells and organs. Our bodies are ruled by instincts, emotions and social conventions. Everything gathered into almost perfect egos that generate and process their own mind. Through our bodies, consciousness flows as the creative power of the universe. We are active in the development and co-creation of the conscious universe. The will has its own will. Ego's own will and soul's plan for incarnation can develop in opposition. In this contradiction, pain occurs and bodies get squeezed. Then the body will shout for help. It will tell you that there is a contradiction, I get drawn in two different directions and break. When the body is talking with pain, the birds are singing and warning that the new is pushing and going forward in to a new born day. This is my metaphore of Dawn.

People try to get rid of the pain. What they might not know, is that they try to silence their soul. The solution is often to treat the psycho-somatic symptoms of a spiritual failure. Treatment of symptoms is often good, but spiritually limiting. By dissolving the tension between ego and soul, we encounters with balance and light will shine upon us. The challenge is to listen to the soul and open for our lives purpose.

Allow me to ask you a question. Remind that time in your life where you really was met. Seen in the way that you were met unconditionally, understood and held like the one you knew you are? What did you experience then? How is it to enter this feeling? That's how it's for the soul. It’s vibration is high. You probably don’t recognize your soul’s voice. You are incapable of listening to whom you are. You pass yourself, do not meet yourself and lose yourself. When the soul is not met, it will resist and end up probably by enter the dark night. Ego reigns the soul. You are moving in wrong direction. It’s time to leave the roundabout.

Dark physics wins over light spirit, if we do not leave the roundabout. The moving source of the universe will not let that state last. Sooner or later you will be faced with responsibility for seeking the purpose of the soul to realize your plan. The birds sing when the time of the day is approaching. Do you listen to the body's voice through loss of energy or pain, you hear a message. The day comes and you will wake up.

Dawn is the time when the arrival of light is announced. Stand up and prepare to set your purpose into life.


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