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July 20, 2018 | Jon Mostad

I am constructing my concept «Futures of Man». Futures of Man is a philosophical grid, and more. Futures of Man is a laboratory in which I transform pictures of possible futures to come. My thoughts are put into blogs, micro-poetry on Instagram and vlogs on YouTube. Futures of Man is presented in my blogtext as theme of week 24-2018. You can read my blog and get the map of my idea.

Futures of Man will be presented in the form of exhibitions, lectures, pictures, items and so on. Stay tuned.

Future and Consciousness

Future is NOW on its way to manifestation. The future always has more faces and they are disruptive. Futures flow across well-known performances. The future/s is not waiting for you. It appears. You should have got up early and be well dressed when the future knocks on the door. The future is driven by megatrends. You can learn the mega trends to know and construct future scenarios. If you construct future scenarios, you can make choices and attract the desired future image through strategic actions. Therefore, knowledge about mega trends is important. In the concept Futures of Man, I operate with three significant megatrends: Immaterialization, Polarization and Acceleration and complexity. They are presented in each blogtext:

* Immaterialization - Theme of Week 25-2018

* Polarization - Theme of Week 26-2018

* Acceleration and complexity - Theme of Week 27-2018

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Let’s go to theme of the text of the week.

5-dimensional consciousness - an introduction

Why am I concerned with consciousness? When I understand consciousness, I can change it. Albert Einstein said, "The consciousness that has created a problem is unsuitable to solve it." Great to know that Einstein brought science entirely on the verge of understanding the quantum physics universe, without even fully understanding his own findings. Another consciousness was needed to understand what Einstein revealed but did not fully understood. He lived his own quote!

I am keen to understand the future's need for a "new" human consciousness and how we humans can be co-creators. What about futures that requires humans to develop their consciousness? I have three ports in for an answer. The one port is about Artificial Intelligence, the other is about the encounter between Natural Science and Spiritual Science, and the third is about human space in the evolution of the conscious universe.

The 3 portals

1. The Artificial Intelligence is becoming self-sufficient. That is, it can produce, maintain and develop itself. It has an unlimited capacity to remember, process and convey facts. In no time will the Artificial Intelligence in its expression also be empathic. It will also be placed in artificial bodies shaped like humans and appearing as humanoids. In my blog text Chakras and Artificial Intelligence - Theme of Week 13 - 2018 (, I write about this perspective.

2. The meeting between Natural Science and Spiritual Science is written into human evolution. By reading the texts of the ancient wisdom traditions that form the basis of the Vedic culture today gathered in Hinduism, the Caldean-Egyptian culture of science and following the hidden messages of the monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), we can visualize an insights and a knowledge that must be brought back to a civilization we do not know today and only can see hidden and forgotten traces of. In order to develop the natural science brain (the logical-analytical), the mythical brain (the phenomenological-spiritual) was gradually closed down. We left the myths and our ability to talk to the surrounding nature, in favor of measuring and describing the same nature. The time to wake the mythical brain to a higher level, has come. In my blog text, Science of Nature meets Science of Spirituality - Theme of Week 29 - 2018 (, I write about this challenge.

3. The Conscious universe is my third port in response to why a new consciousness will come. The desire to understand the Natural Sciences that formed the basis for the universe being created and the forces that have led to this development have given us metaphysics and modern quantum physics. Metaphysics is in search of the fundamental scientific responses to the universe's creation, almost a form of philosophy and it affects the world of intellectual science. Quantum physics is a description of the atom, its structure and the physics sensitivity theories. Still, we need to describe the final meeting between natural science and spiritual science, and the key here can be to understand and describe causality as expressed in human intuition. In my blog text Causality - Theme of Week 05 - 2018 (, you can read my notions.

The three understandings of consciousness

Is consciousness what is created by the brain and within the brain? Or is consciousness what flows through us and therefore streams through the brain? In my book "Dawn", I answer the question and I put the answer into a broader context. We live in a conscious universe and we are co-workers in the consciousness of this universe. My idea of ​​consciousness, the conscious universe and human beings as co-creators of consciousness, is derived from the wisdom of the Vedas, the Chaldean-Egyptian antiquity, of Theosophy and Anthroposophy, and last but not least, by the Hungarian scientist and system theorist Irwin Laszlo. The sum of these groundbreaking performances gives me room for a conviction that I live in and participate in the creation of a conscious universe. Discrimination between a non-organic and organic reality does not make sense to me. All matter is atomic and therefore energy, and energy is motion. I see the realms of minerals, plants, animals and humans, in their forms, as living and conscious.

Laszlo forms three understandings of consciousness; First understanding is Local consciousness (the brain as a producer and operator), second understanding is Non-local consciousness (the brain flows consciousness as a transistor) and the third understanding is Cosmic consciousness (the universe is conscious, creates its own consciousness and all living is co-creating). Lazslo's performance, description and justification, burst the limits of what western civilization science has been willing to accept so far. The idea that a transcendental power outside our conceptual world projects itself in a permanent cosmos has so far been explained only by teleology.

Our western beliefs about a dual world, a world of spirit and a world of matter, cease within the framework of the thought of Irwin Laszlo.

Consciousness versus Awareness

Consciousness requires awareness. Without awareness we have no conscious experiences. Awareness as a psychological and neuro-scientific theme, coupled with philosophical analyzes, is under development. When we know more about what awereness is, our understanding of consciousness will also expand. Rudolf Steiner brought attention to the art of recognition, in his work with Johan Wolfgang von Goethe's antithesis to a mechanical worldview. I may refer you to an upcoming blog on the subject of Awareness versus Consciousness. Here we can find keys to a greater understanding.

Consciousness and the 5 bodies

We can understand the consciousness of the human body by understanding Man’s five bodies. The theme is extensive and I have to limit myself to giving a brief introduction. Theosophy explains man through five bodies:

Our physical body consisting of skull, muscles, tendons and nerves

Our etheric body who surrounds the physical, transports energy and makes life possible

Our astral body that includes emotions, experiences and dreams, and makes us sensational beings

Our mental body that includes logical and analytical reasoning, and makes us mind-minded

Our causal body that encompasses our abstraction abilities and makes us creative creatures

The physical body of Man is alive as long as the etheric body is present. At the physical death, the ether body retreats last and life ceases.

Each of our bodies has its consciousness. Our etheric consciousness provides opportunities for the physical body to be alive. It carries energy (Qi / Chi) and thus spirit. Our astral consciousness provides opportunities to create life in emotional dimensions, shape dreams and creative performances. Our mental consciousness is the foundation of rational thinking, for distinguishing ability, language and cognition. Everything that makes us feelings of reason. Our causal consciousness provides opportunities for co-creation in our own evolution. Causal consciousness is the domain of the soul. From our causal consciousness we form abstract and symbolic performances. We create actions based on relationships beyond the control of mind. The causal consciousness is the link between man as a physical manifestation and the spiritual plan.

The five dimensions and 5D in particular

In order to share my thoughts with you, I will briefly explain what I understand by the term «dimension».

Dimension is the way we tell about the size of a length, a width or a height. A straight line is one-dimensional when it is specified only by the x coordinates. If we specify the shape using both x and y coordinates, we make the two-dimensional expression, width and height. The 3D cube is found when we specify both length, height and width. Within the cube the room is formed. Albert Einstein introduced time as the fourth dimension. Our senses only give a 3D version of reality. We operate a well-developed 3D geometry that manufactures and explains the room for us. The challenge begins when we are going to produce the 4D. Therefore, it is almost impossible for us to imagine the 5D, for what is the 5D of? I will answer you from a slightly different angle.

Each body has its consciousness. The etheric body has its etheric consciousness. Symbolically, I say this is our 2D consciousness. The astral body has its dream consciousness, and I call it our 3D consciousness. The mental body has its logical-analytical consciousness, and I give it the name 4D consciousness. Our abstract and causal body, the soul's domain, the level of consciousness where we, as a body, are connected with spirit, holds our 5D consciousness. If I succeed in communicating to you my ideas about a 5D consciousness, you will have to participate in my idea that a transcendental source (many call this source God) creates itself in a permanence we call the Cosmos. When our logical and analytical science tries to understand the creation of the Cosmos, it strikes on phenomena that can be mathematically produced. Principles, patterns and results are unitedly beautiful and self-evolving. They can be perceived but not understood. We talk about anything but the "happiness of chance". We are talking about equations and a mathematics we do not have access to, a 5D math. The universe creates itself based on a mathematical topology we do not understand, only observe.

Imagine the cube. Its 3D shape allows the room. Fill the room with the «mental consciousness of mind" and you have a picture of 4D consciousness, it floats in the room limited by the cube. Fill this room of "floating" mental-consciousness as a 4D room, with the consciousness of causality, and you have the image of 5D consciousness. It floats within 4D as a room-in-room-in-room. Our 3D world is possible to be perceived and understood. On the other hand, a 4D world - a world of logical and analytical reasoning, is impossible to sense with anything but thoughts. Therefore, a 5D world becomes even more distanced to us, for how shall our sensory apparatus and brain shape the concepts of abstractions beyond our imaginations? We can probably sense these performances, experience them and teach us to relate to them, but understand their causal equations, their coherence and self-development is almost incomprehensible. Nevertheless, I think this is the path of Man towards awakening and the next step in evolution. The key to a 5D consciousness allows you to transform your world from an acquired, sensible and socially created world into an inherent and spiritual world.

Awareness the preliminary key?

Science tries to understand consciousness. Our challenge is that the consciousness we use to understand consciousness is a limited consciousness. Our western scientific approach to understanding consciousness is limited by the scientific framework. From esoteric cosmology and mythical wisdom delivered from an ancient knowledge-culture before our time-bill, we find keys to open up. Recent scientific approaches from philosophy, psychology, neurology, metaphysics and other disciplines are to day brought closer to each other and show new ways. One of the promising perspectives that can give us an opening to understand consciousness and how we through self-transformation can extend our recognition is an expanding understanding of awareness as a step towards consciousness - a topic I would like to reflect on in a blogs that have not yet been written.


The consciousness to understand consciousness must be of a different dimension than the consciousness we use (after Albert Einstein). The need to expand our consciousness can be understood in our encounter with Artificial Intelligence, the Science of Nature meeting the Science of Spirit, and our co-creation of the intelligent universe. Man is self-transforming and can affect the direction in his own and humanity's evolution. The key is to find in a transformation of awareness, which may turn out to be the gateway to an expanded Consciousness.

Our perception of the world is created by a limiting sensory and mind system, which gives us a 3D experience, but there is an expanded mental world in 4D out there. A world where we can "see" our mind constructions. How does 'our' thoughts look? What shapes and colors does this world have? What does its landscapes look like? A 5D world is a world-in-world. Here we can see our abstractions, our symbolic processions and causal relations. How do our abstractions look? What world would this be to enter into? What awaits us in a 5D world where the soul holds its domain?

Consciousness in 5D is a world of imagination we can hardly understand and hardly describe the effects of. It exceeds the limits of the mental cognition, making abstractions and symbolic images possible. 5D consciousness is the art's consciousness. It connects causes against effects and forms of expression we do not control. 5D consciousness is the bridge between the souls manifested human reality and the spiritual. 5D is this level of Consciousness we will explore if we are still to be actively leaders in our own lives and in our own evolution.

Is there a way to a 5D Consciousness?

Yes, it exists. It was handed over to Man for eons of time back. It was coded and hidden in a mystery language, largely forgotten. It can still be recreated by the applicant. There is no descriptive way to follow, but through normative processes of a wise guru or awakener it can be found.

Stay tuned - more to come in further blogs.


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