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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Man is facing a change of consciousness map. Such shifts take place when the existing grid of perception no longer brings vitality and credibility to the great stories. To an increasing extent, the old story produces errors and improbabilities. I'm Scandinavian. My native language is one of the Nordic countries. In a Danish edition, I nowadays publish a book about how humans can understand and change their ideas about themselves, from a limited to an extended story. The book has been translated from a Norwegian publisher to Danish and will in English (when the time comes) bear the name "DAWN - the Sapience, the Succession, the Selection". In the text that follows, you will be able to read my initial thoughts, as I express them in the book.

By night follows day

The night is the Little Dead, and the day is the Great Creator. My experience and understanding of wisdom traditions goes back to the Egyptian-Chaldean tradition, millennia before our time bill (Christ). From there it goes on to Roman-Greek tradition, through the European Middle Ages to the Renaissance and until today.

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