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Shanghai Traditional Orchestra performs “Water in the North” to me. Again and again, sitting at my desk, considering words to a coming text that will be published, I let the softness of the beauty of the music silences me.


Is beauty a source more than a pictorial expression that my eyes and senses perceive?


Notions of what I know I want to convey, come to me at my desk in my work chamber, sliding in from an awareness I do not know how I access. The performances land lightly on the keyboard and from there to linguistic expressions the path is short to me.


Music is often my companion in the writing process. I cannot explain the nature of music, only its effect. The music I choose can be as different as Chinese traditional music on flimsy stringed instruments to mournful American country and western rock.


Common to these otherwise different expressions is what I perceive as beauty. I can't picture this beauty, it holds me in its lap and opens a window to a greater awareness - so I feel.


It is in the spirit of this extended awareness I write and this spirit is more like a source than a beautiful image of matter.


Maybe it's the energetic essence of beauty that speaks to me, in vibrations I just can hear with my Higher self?


Fairytales - as a kid I read fairytales. Little did I know at the time that the fairytales tell two stories. One open and one hidden. The one open is the breathtaking plot. The hidden one is the initiation to the cosmology of myths.


Long way travelling through life; I carried on my fairytales, unknown to the fairytale in the fairytale. Then, a bird started singing. There was something I could recognise on a deeper level. Like the sun at dawn, clarity come to me. The unveilancel of the myths.


The Cosmology of the Cosmos is given to Man, to be encrypted and manifested for every incarnation. This is a part of the mythical evolution of consciousness.


A fairytale has an exoteric voice, the one you listen to as a child. On the deeper level the fairytale has an esoteric voice, whispering a wisdom of symbols into your heart.


When the Prince and the Princess are united “not by day, nor by night, not walking, nor riding, not hungry, nor saturated, not naken, nor clothed”, a greater story is imbedded in you.


To me the Prince is the Spirit in solitude who seeks for the Princess to be born in Matter, and that has to be fulfilled in emptiness as form. The great buddha of wisdom.


When Spirit is met with emptiness as form, the child of the two will become the manifestation of the conscious Universe - pure love.


This is an additional telling of what the Holy Trinity is to me.