15 minutes: Archeology of the body - exploring your life’s purpose

Archeology of the body

15 minutes: Futures of Man - charging the evolution of self-knowledge and extended awareness.

Futures of Man

15 minutes: Invocation and Evocation - the understanding of why and how to be a soul in a body.

Invocation and Evocation 



DAWN is a practical and theoretical based spiritual development program where you create new self-knowledge and expanded awareness. DAWN is made of 6 chapters. The total length of the program is 3:10:00 hours. The program is presented to you through three introductions. Each of which last 15 minutes and contain valuable information which will guide you through the program itself. 

DAWN - The Program is divided into three chapters. Portal 1. Portal 2 and Portal 3. Each Portal represents extending awareness and the spiritual level of knowing yourself. 

Portal 1 - 45 minutes: The Sapience - the hidden and forgotten mysteries

Portal 2 - 45 minutes: The Succession - knowing the path’s how and why

Portal 3 - 45 minutes: The Selection - unzipping the greater you

" Are you among those who ask «is this all?”, «life must be something more than just what I experience now”. If so, you listen to your spiritual voice. The universe does not waste energy and every individual carry on a purpose that is greater than the logical world gives as an answer."

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